Charge Off Account

Use the Charge Off Account endpoint to charge off the specified account (sweep funds and set balance to 0) and move the account to status: R (Charged off).

The chargeOffReason parameter is required when chargeOffDetails is populated. Use JSON format for chargeOffDetails, for example:

[{"chargeOffAmount": 2.6, "chargeOffReason": 5}, {"chargeOffAmount": 4.7, "chargeOffReason": 2}]

The chargeOffAmount parameter is required when chargeOffReason does not equal 1.

To recover a charged-off account use the Recover Charged-Off Account endpoint.

See Global Response Statuses for status codes that are common across endpoints.

The table below lists status codes that apply to this specific endpoint.

Status CodeCode Description
588-01Account already charged off
588-02The sum of the chargeoff amounts do not equal the open to buy


1Uncollected fees
2System-expired authorization
3Employee-expired authorization
4Under-the-floor, U.S., other
5Under-the-floor rental car
6Under-the-floor hotel and travel
7Under-the-floor outside U.S.
8Second presentment
9Returned check
10Returned ACH
11Employee error
12System error
13Fraudulent merchant
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