Modify Pending Deposit Status

Use the Modify Pending Deposit Status endpoint to either post or return pending direct deposits made via ACH. You can use this endpoint if you are configured for incoming ACH credit and if you are not using Galileo\’s fraud services.

See Global Response Statuses for status codes that are common across endpoints.

The table below lists status codes that apply to this specific endpoint.

Status CodeCode Description
543-01Provided depositTransactionId doesn't map to any payment
543-02Invalid category type. The valid choices are A=Approve, W=Watch and D=Decline.
543-03Invalid action type. The valid choices are P=Post and R=Return.
543-04Transaction is not in a status that can be posted or returned
543-05Failed to Post transaction
543-06Failed to Return transaction
543-07Ret Code should not be used when posting
543-08Ret Code is required when returning
543-09Invalid Ret Code supplied. Valid Ret Codes: x
543-10Payment successfully updated, but was not successfully marked as reviewed. Please contact client support for more details.
543-11Failed to find transaction by depositTransactionId and or categoryCode. Please confirm both are correct.

Response Example

    "status_code": 0,
    "status": "Success",
    "processing_time": 0.443,
    "response_data": {
        "deposit_transaction_id": "75001797",
        "action_type": "P",
        "category_type": "A",
        "category_code": "COF"
    "echo": {
        "provider_transaction_id": "",
        "provider_timestamp": null,
        "transaction_id": "52fa5fc4-beb2-49ad-b719-37d9abd4ec4d"
    "system_timestamp": "2020-07-15 14:55:11"
```xml xml
<?xml version="1.0" ?>
    <system_timestamp>2020-07-15 14:55:12</system_timestamp>
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