Update Account

Use the Update Account endpoint to modify customer profile information in an existing customer record. Pass only the parameters to modify — other parameters should be left blank. Only active accounts (status: N) can be updated using this endpoint.

Nullifying data elements

Pass the string null for any of these parameters to update that value to null.


*Only if the provider parameter AENUL permits it.



Exercise caution when nullifying a primary address — for compliance in the United States you must maintain a physical address as an individual cardholder's primary address.

Updating customer ID

When you are using Galileo's integrated CIP process, you can update the primary customer ID (id and idType) as long as the customer has not passed CIP. If the customer has already passed CIP, status code 415-02 is returned. Secondary customer ID (id2 and idType2) can be updated regardless of customer CIP status.

Updating the ship-to address

When updating the ship-to address for a customer, the elements shipToAddress1, shipToCity, shipToState, and shipToPostalCode are required – shipToAddress2 is optional. You can retrieve the current customer ship-to address data using the Get Account Card endpoint.

By default, the embosser sends the card to the primary address. To ship to a different address than the primary, use the ship-to address fields. If you pass shipToAddressPermanent: 1 the embosser will always send cards to the ship-to address; otherwise, the ship-to address is used only for the current order.

See Global Response Statuses for status codes that are common across endpoints.

The table below lists status codes that apply to this specific endpoint.

Status CodeCode Description
415-01Account information could not be updated at this time. Please try again later.
415-02Customer primary ID can not be modified when CIP is passed
415-03All elements except shipToAddress2 required for ship to address
415-04Your provider configuration does not allow the nullifying of email address
415-05Changing SSN is not allowed
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