Direct Deposit Switch Failure Status Reasons

These are the possible values for status_reason in DDSE: direct_deposit_switch_event when status: failed.

account-lockoutThe account is locked out; most likely there are too many failed attempts.
account-setup-incompleteThe account holder's account setup is not complete and will require additional information from the user.
account-unusableThe account holder's bank account is unusable for the selected product.
bad-credentialsEither the username or password was incorrect.
connection-errorA network error occurred.
distribution-not-supportedThe account did not support the distribution, for example, the account holder requested to add an account for a percentage of their paycheck, but can only do fixed amounts and remainder/net balance.
enrolled-in-paycardThe account holder is enrolled in a paycard program instead of direct deposit via their bank.
expiredThe account holder's password has expired and they must create a new one.
product-not-supportedThe account did not support the product.
routing-number-not-supportedThe account did not support the routing number entered.
session-timeoutThe session timed out.
system-unavailableThe system was unavailable, for example, the site is undergoing maintenance or it is outside the window of scheduled availability for the site.
transaction-pendingThere is a transaction in progress. Only one transaction may be run at a time.
unknown-failureUnexpected error.
user-abandonThe account holder was asked a multi-factor authentication question but did not answer the question.
work-status-terminatedThe task could not be completed because the account holder's employment has been terminated.