Customer ID Types

Use the value in the ID column for the idType and idType2 parameters. Use the information in the Layout column to format the values for the id and id2 parameters.

See the Customer ID Verification (KYC/CIP) guide for more information.

These endpoints contain the ID-related parameters:

Where a date is required, it is the expiration date of the credential.

Example: 123456789012
1Driver's License Number<DL# 1–20 alphanumeric>|<DL State 2 alpha>| <DL expiration mm-dd-yyyy>
Example: abcd12345|UT|05-02-2020
2Social Security Number9 digits, all numeric. See Validation for ID type 2.
3Green Card Number<9-digit green card ID>|<mm-dd-yyyy>
Example: 123456789|05-02-2020
4Passport Number<6–9 alphanumeric passport ID>|<mm-dd-yyyy>
Example: abc1234|05-02-2020
5Visa Number<4–15 alphanumeric Visa ID>|<mm-dd-yyyy>
Example: abcd12345|05-02-2020
6Matricula Consular Number<7–9 digit MCN ID>|<mm-dd-yyyy>
Example: 123456789|05-02-2020
7RFDCAlphanumeric 1–50 characters
Example: abcdefgh1234567
8CDEAlphanumeric 1–50 characters
Example: abcdefgh1234567
9Social Insurance Number9 digits, all numeric
Example: 123456789
10Citizenship PapersAlphanumeric 1–50 characters
Example: abcdefgh1234567
11Canadian Drivers License Number<DL# 1–20 alphanumeric>|<DL Province 2 alpha>|<DL expiration mm-dd-yyyy>
Example: abcd12345|NB|05-02-2020
12Card DetailsAlphanumeric 1–50 characters
Example: abcdefgh1234567
13State ID<DL# 1–20 alphanumeric>|<DL State 2 alpha>|<DL expiration mm-dd-yyyy>
Example: abcd12345|UT|05-02-2020
14Client-Generated IDAlphanumeric 1–50 characters
Example: abcdefgh1234567
15ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Number)9-digit ITIN ID
Example: 123456789

Validation for ID type 2

In both the CV and Production environments, Social Security numbers are validated. If any of these conditions are true, the system returns an error:

  • Starts with 9
  • Starts with 000
  • Starts with 666
  • Has 00 in the 2-digit segment (positions 4–5)
  • Has 0000 in the 4-digit segment (positions 6–9)