Account Statuses

An account status specifies the state of an account. Account statuses can be assigned by internal processes or they can be manually changed by the Program API, such as by using Modify Status. When changing an account status using the Modify Status endpoint, make sure the type changes the account status and not the card status only.

Account status is independent of card status. Both the account and card must be in status: N (normal, active) to perform card transactions. See Card Statuses for more information.

This table indicates whether an account status permits certain types of transactions or account updates. X means that the transaction is permitted and other characters indicate that performing the transaction is contingent on settings.

StatusDescriptionNetworkLoadAdjACH debitACH creditUpdate
FFailed ID verificationXX***
JSuspended/never activatedXX***
MMoved to new program. The cardholder has been migrated to a new program. This status is functionally identical to status: Z.XX***
NActive (normal)XXX*****X
PPassed ID verificationXX***
RCharged off. The account has been negative for a number of days, as defined in the CODYS product parameter, or the account was charged off by the Charge Off Account endpoint.XX***X
TID verification in processXX***X
VApplication submitted. The account setup process has not completed. The exact steps in the setup process vary according to the ACSET product parameter.XX***X
WWaiting to be processedXXX***X
ZCanceled without refund§*X*******X
dBankruptcy dischargedX
eBankruptcy dismissedX
fBankruptcy filedX

§ Merchant credits only, except for Mastercard credit merchant credits, which are adjustments (trans_code: ADC).
* Loads controlled by BLKLD
** Incoming ACH debits controlled by ACHCA
*** Incoming ACH credits controlled by ACSTS
**** Cannot originate ACH debits

To change some properties of account statuses, you can set these parameters.

ACHCASpecifies whether an account must be in status: N to permit incoming ACH debits.
ACSTSContains a list of statuses that are allowed to receive an ACH credit.
STPLDContains a list of statuses that do not permit transactions originated by Create Payment, Create Adjustment, Create ACH Transaction, and Create Account Transfer (sending account only)
BLKLDContains a list of account statuses that cannot receive card loads. Does not apply to ACH credits. Default: C, Z
RISCSList of card statuses that permit card reissue. Default: N,C,Z