Activity Type

The activity type (act_type) comprises the first two characters of a transaction code (trans_code). The remaining characters are the Transaction Type (otype).

ABAllpoint backout
APAllpoint authorization
ASAllpoint settlement
AUMastercard credit authorization
AXAllpoint authorization expiration
BAAllpoint preauthorization backout
BCDiscover backout
BDMaestro/Cirrus backout
BOMastercard credit backout
BPPulse backout
BSStar authorization backout
BVVisa authorization backout
CXDiscover expired authorization
DADenied authorization (credit rails)
DBMaestro/Cirrus authorization
DCDiscover authorization
DDDenied authorization (debit rails)
DXMaestro/Cirrus expired authorization
EXMastercard credit expired authorization
ISVisa Interlink settlement
MPStar MoneyPass settlement
OBUmbrella reserve release/backout
OEUmbrella reserve release/expiration
ORUmbrella reserve
OTUmbrella take
PBMastercard credit preauthorization backout
PEPending payment
PLVisa Plus settlement
PRStar Presto settlement
PSStar preauthorization backout
PUPulse authorization
PVVisa preauthorization backout
PXPulse expired authorization
SCDiscover settlement
SDMaestro/Cirrus settlement
SEMastercard credit settlement
SPPulse settlement
SSStar settlement
STStar authorization
SXStar expired authorization
TETransaction expired
THTransaction hold
VIVisa authorization
VSVisa settlement
VXVisa expired authorization