AVS Codes

AVS is an authentication method for card transactions. See AVS-only checks in the Authorization guide for an explanation.

The AVS code is present in these places:

  • Auth APIavs_result in the body of the webhook and avs_response in the response.
  • RDFsADDRESS VERIFICATION RESPONSE in the Authorized Transactions RDF.

Each network uses different codes for AVS.

Address and 5-digit zip codeYYAYY
Address and 9-digit zip codeYYXXX
Address onlyAAYAA
5-digit zip code onlyZZZZZ
9-digit zip code onlyZZTWW
Neither address nor zip codeNNNNN
Gift cardMYAYS
AVS not usedBBBBB
Unrecognized AVS return valueCCCCC
No dataD
Retry AVSR