mobile_activation API

Visa has sent an activation code after an activation attempt entered the yellow path and the cardholder followed instructions to confirm their identity. This message contains the activation code. The VAPI event code is used for all mobile wallet providers.

  • CodeVAPI
  • Event trigger — Galileo receives an activation code from Visa.
  • Process — This process contains the event trigger:
    • The cardholder performed steps to verify their identity by following the instructions in the xYLP message.


Field Type Description
auth_id string

Galileo internal ID that identifies the OTP exchange. Example: "147".

msg_event_id string

Event ID. Example: "1234567891".

network string (enum)

Card network / association. See the Events Network Codes table for possible values. Example: "V"

passcode string

The passcode for activation.

pmt_ref_no string

Galileo Payment Reference Number for the account. Example: "155200002022".

send_type string

How the OTP was sent. Example: "email"

timestamp string

Time when the event was created. Format is YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS TMZ and the timezone (TMZ) is always MST. Example: "2019-12-29 11:20:33 MST".

type string

mobile_activation API

wallet_type string (enum)

Wallet type. Possible values:

  • Visa


# mobile_activation API example:
  "auth_id": "147",
  "msg_event_id": "1234567891",
  "network": "V",
  "passcode": "190385732",
  "pmt_ref_no": "155200002022",
  "send_type": "email",
  "timestamp": "2019-12-29 11:20:33 MST",
  "type": "mobile_activation API",
  "wallet_type": "Visa"