For legal reasons, the address1 parameter cannot contain a post office box. The system checks for the following and returns an error when detected:

  • Any string that starts with APO, PO, APOB, POB, post office, call box, or gpobox and is followed by numbers. Street names that start with apo or po are not detected, e.g., Apollo street, Polar street.

  • These elements do not affect the result:

    • Leading, trailing, or in-between white-space characters such as space, tab, or enter

    • A dot . between the letters A, P, and O, e.g., A.P.O or P.O.

    • The case — Validation is case-insensitive.

To disable this check, Galileo can set the EAPOB parameter.

The supported character set for all address lines is in the Address characters section of Special Characters.