Galileo can resend messages if a successful response code is not received, using standard exponential backoff. Work with your PM/AM to set product parameters RTRDL, the initial delay (in seconds), and RETRY, the total number of retries. When these parameters are not set, RETRY defaults to 0 (no retries) and RTRDL defaults to 60 seconds.

To be concrete, the following table shows an example, assuming RTRDL is set to 60 seconds and RETRY is 5.

  • Attempt is the total number of attempts, over time. The first attempt is the first time Galileo tries to send the event to the client, so with RETRY = 5, there will be 6 attempts total.
  • Retry Delay Seconds is how many seconds Galileo will wait to do the next attempt if the current attempt fails. (Retry Delay Minutes and Retry Delay Hours is the same information but in different units.)

Retry Seconds increases exponentially for each retry by multiplying RTRDL by Attempt^2. The first retry attempt has a value of 1, so the first delay will be RTRDL.

AttemptRetry Delay SecondsRetry Delay MinutesRetry Delay Hours