Modify Status Types

This table contains values for the type parameter of the Modify Status endpoint.



A dash (β€”) means no change in status.

typeDescriptionAccount or card changedCard statusAccount status
1Initiate activate-account process.Accountβ€”N
2Cancel account. If ACTYP is set to R, all accounts belonging to the same account holder are also deactivated.Accountβ€”C
3Initiate lost-card process; create replacement card.CardLβ€”
4Initiate stolen-card process; create replacement card.CardSβ€”
5Update card status to Canceled.CardCβ€”
6Initiate card-activation process.Account & CardNN
7Update card status to Active.CardNβ€”
8Update card status to Lost; no replacement card.CardLβ€”
9Update card status to Stolen; no replacement card.CardSβ€”
10Account disabled through IVR.Accountβ€”D
11Update account status to Active.Accountβ€”N
12Reissue card. Galileo recommends using the Reissue Card endpoint for card reissue.n/aβ€”β€”
13Deactivate account and cancel card(s).Account & CardCC
14Freeze overdraft account.n/aβ€”β€”
15Unfreeze overdraft account.n/aβ€”β€”
16Deactivate specified account and cancel card(s).Account & CardZZ
17Freeze card. Set startDate and endDate as desired. Default is 24 hours from current date-time.Cardβ€”β€”
18Unfreeze card immediately. startDate and endDate are ignored.Cardβ€”β€”
19Reissue with new PAN. The RECNP product parameter must be set to use this type. Galileo recommends using the Reissue Card endpoint for card replacement.Cardβ€”β€”
20Cancel without refund all accounts and cards belonging to a customer. Use a PAN for accountNo if multiple cards are associated with the account.Account & CardZZ
21Update card status to Waiting for payment.CardWβ€”
22Update card status to Emboss.CardXβ€”
23Disable single card.CardDβ€”
24Suspend account.Accountβ€”K
25Customer filed for bankruptcy.Accountβ€”f
26Bankruptcy discharged.Accountβ€”d
27Bankruptcy dismissed.Accountβ€”e