Modify Status Types

This table contains values for the type parameter of the Modify Status endpoint.



A dash (—) means no change in status.

typeDescriptionAccount or card changedCard statusAccount status
1Initiate activate-account process.AccountN
2Cancel account. If ACTYP is set to R, all accounts belonging to the same account holder are also deactivated.AccountC
3Initiate lost-card process; create replacement card.CardL
4Initiate stolen-card process; create replacement card.CardS
5Update card status to Canceled.CardC
6Initiate card-activation process.Account & CardNN
7Update card status to Active.CardN
8Update card status to Lost; no replacement card.CardL
9Update card status to Stolen; no replacement card.CardS
10Account disabled through IVR.AccountD
11Update account status to Active.AccountN
12Reissue card. Galileo recommends using the Reissue Card endpoint for card reissue.n/a
13Deactivate account and cancel card(s).Account & CardCC
14Freeze overdraft account.n/a
15Unfreeze overdraft account.n/a
16Deactivate specified account and cancel card(s).Account & CardZZ
17Freeze card. Set startDate and endDate as desired. Default is 24 hours from current date-time.Card
18Unfreeze card immediately. startDate and endDate are ignored.Card
19Reissue with new PAN. The RECNP product parameter must be set to use this type. Galileo recommends using the Reissue Card endpoint for card replacement.Card
20Cancel without refund all accounts and cards belonging to a customer. Use a PAN for accountNo if multiple cards are associated with the account.Account & CardZZ
21Update card status to Waiting for payment.CardW
22Update card status to Emboss.CardX
23Disable single card.CardD
24Suspend account.AccountK
25Customer filed for bankruptcy.Accountf
26Bankruptcy discharged.Accountd
27Bankruptcy dismissed.Accounte
28Update account and card status to delinquent.Account & CardQQ