About Events API

Events API (also known as Alerts API) is a collection of webhooks that clients can use to get events from Galileo. For example, when a card authorization happens, Galileo can send an event to the client's authorization event webhook with information about the authorization.

In addition to the information provided here, see the About the Events API guide.

Events are grouped into the following categories:

  • Account Events
  • Authorization Events
  • Settlement Events
  • Transaction Events

Each category is posted to a separate webhook. For example, account events are posted to /AccountEvent; transaction events are posted to /Transaction.

Events are identified by the type field in the request body. For example, when a cardholder has successfully completed the enrollment process for a card, the event type will be app_completed. Some events have further distinguishing fields; for example, for mobile tokenization events, there is a wallet_type field that identifes the wallet "vendor" (Apple, Google, Samsung, etc.).

Galileo also uses 4-character codes for the events in other systems like the Customer Service Tool (CST). For example, CAPP corresponds to the app_completed API type.

Each category has an index (in subsequent pages below) that lists each event along with its description, 4-character code, API type field, and the fields that are sent in the event.

Note: Galileo sends all events asynchronously so that it doesn't block or slow down transaction and backoffice processing. Unlike Auth API and External Trans API, the response clients send back does not control the outcome of a transaction.