DE022 Codes

These codes are present in the de022 field (POS entry mode) in some Authorization Events API webhooks, the RDFs, and the Create Simulated Card Authorization endpoint. The de022 field must be enabled by request in the Events API webhooks

Positions 1–2

Subfield 1. In the RDFs, these codes are in the POS ENTRY MODE field.

00Merchant terminal PAN-entry mode unknown.
01Merchant terminal PAN manual entry.
02Merchant terminal PAN auto-entry via magnetic stripe.
03Merchant terminal PAN auto-entry via barcode reader.
04Merchant terminal PAN auto-entry via OCR (optical character reader).
05Merchant terminal PAN auto-entry via integrated circuit card.
06PAN auto-entry via chip Contactless Mapping Service applied.
07Merchant terminal PAN auto-entry via contactless M/Chip.
09PAN/token entry via electronic commerce containing DSRP (digital secure remote payments) cryptogram in DE055 (integrated circuit card system-related data).
10Electronic commerce credential on file.
79A hybrid terminal with an online connection to the acquirer failed in sending a chip fallback transaction (in which DE022, subfield 1 = 80) to the issuer, or a hybrid terminal with no online connection to the acquirer failed to read the chip card.
80Chip card at a chip-capable terminal was unable to process the transaction using data on the chip; therefore, the terminal defaulted to the magnetic stripe-read PAN.
81PAN/token entry via electronic commerce with optional Identity Check-AAV or DSRP cryptogram in UCAF (universal cardholder authentication field).
82Auto PAN entry via server (issuer, acquirer, or third-party vendor system).
89Electronic commerce PAN auto-entry via server (issuer, acquirer, or third party vendor system).
90PAN auto-entry via magnetic stripe—the full track data has been read from the data encoded on the card and transmitted within the authorization request in DE035 (track 2 data) or DE045 (track 1 data) without alteration or truncation.
91PAN auto-entry via contactless magnetic stripe—the full track data has been transmitted by the acquirer within the authorization request in DE035 (Track 2 data) or DE045 (track 1 data) and forwarded to the issuer without alteration or truncation.
95Visa only. Chip card with unreliable card verification value (CVV) data.

Position 3

Subfield 2. In the RDFs this code is in the PIN ENTRY CAPABILITY field. You can also request that DE022 subfield 2 be added to your Auth API webhook.

0Unspecified or unknown.
1Terminal has PIN-entry capability.
2Terminal does not have PIN-entry capability.
3mPOS software-based PIN-entry capability.
8Terminal has PIN-entry capability but the PIN pad is not currently operative.