Deposit Status Codes

These are the values for the status field in the Get Pending Deposits and Get Deposit History responses.

GDeposit returned.
LManual Review for large dollar amount.
NNew deposit posted, but activity not inserted.
PProcessed activity inserted.
QReturned to the bank in return files.
RMarked for return pending status.
TManual review for tax deposit.
UManual review for name match review.
VPaypal Deposits less than 1 (this is hardcoded).
WPosted direct deposit that was reversed.
YUnposted direct deposit that was reversed.
ZCanceled without being processed.
iManual review returns, review due to a load limit violation or account status issue.
lPending additional information.
mManually processed deposit--for EPS.
tPending additional information.
uPending additional information.