Create Account

Use the Create Account endpoint to create an account for a new customer. You can use this endpoint for personalized, instant issue, and secondary products.

This endpoint runs CIP if you are using Galileo's integrated CIP process. In contrast with the Start Enrollment endpoint, Create Account creates a customer record and at the same time creates an account. Depending on product settings, it also creates a card and loads funds onto it.

Consult the Creating an Account procedure for instructions on using this endpoint, and consult the Customer ID Verification guide for how to use this endpoint with Galileo's integrated CIP solution. The instructions include a flowchart to illustrate how Create Account works in the Galileo system. Also see Create Account vs Add Account in the About Accounts guide.



You can receive PCI-sensitive information only if your provider parameters permit it.

Duplicate use of customer ID

Galileo can configure your product parameters to allow or disallow the duplicate use of customer IDs such as SSNs across your programs. (If one of your prospective customers already has a product with another Galileo partner, no duplicate is detected.)

If your program parameters disallow duplicate use of customer IDs, during the Create Account operation Galileo checks enrollment data across your programs to confirm that there are no accounts in application submitted (V), canceled without refund (Z), or active (N) status with the same ID. If no account is found in these statuses, the enrollment is allowed.

CIP response

If you are using Galileo's integrated CIP solution, the Create Account response includes the verdict. Consult Create Account and Create Virtual Account Process in the Customer ID Verification (CIP/KYC) guide for more information.

Test names in the CV environment

In the CV environment only, you can use specific names with the Create Account endpoint to trigger different CIP responses. For the firstName, middleName, and lastName parameters, use these values:

  • John F Smith — Triggers a CIP failure (F)
  • John R Smith — Triggers a CIP refer (R)
  • John P Smith — Triggers a CIP pass (P)

Do not use these test names in Production.



If this endpoint returns a status code that does not match a status code that is specific to this endpoint, it may be an enrollment status code. See Enrollment Statuses for more information.

Create Account response code 407-13
Open Recipe

See Global Response Statuses for status codes that are common across endpoints.

The table below lists status codes that apply to this specific endpoint.

Status CodeCode Description
407-03Invalid instant issue card. An attempt was made to use an ii card which has been sold.
407-04Load amount outside of load limits. Too much money is being loaded.
407-05Could not create account. Contact Galileo for troubleshooting.
407-06Could not load card. Contact Galileo for troubleshooting.
407-07Primary account is invalid. An instant issue account is being used in the primary account field.
407-08Invalid real-time funding account
407-09Maximum number of secondary accounts exceeded. The limit of secondary accounts is exceeded for the PID.
407-10ID type 2 is required as main ID for running CIP (only occurs when product is configured to run ID validation on new accounts). The incorrect ID type is being passed.
407-11Account created, ID validation failed. Customer's personal info has failed the ID check.
407-12An application with the same ID has already been submitted. Duplicate SSNs were used for enrollment.
407-13The cipStatus parameter was set to 1, the application was successfully started, and CIP was run. An account was not created.
407-14Success. Partial limit violation-Only part of the payment was applied due to load limits.
407-15Success. Delayed payment-Payment is pending due to load limits
407-16Card is marked as fraudulent. Used for instant issue cards which have been swiped before issuance.
407-17Card not allocated to your store for issuance
407-18The account provided (to load money from) could not be found
407-19A load was attempted for a non-positive amount. A negative load amount was passed.
407-20Maximum number of accounts allowed has been reached. To increase the secondary account limit per product ID, set SECLM on the secondary account.
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