Reissue Card

Use the Reissue Card endpoint to reissue a card, which means to send the card to the embosser again. Specify whether to keep the same PAN and expiry date as the original card. This endpoint also changes the status of the original card.

Galileo recommends that you use the CAD for accountNo; however, you can use the PRN if only one card has ever been associated with the account.

Galileo recommends that you use this endpoint instead of Modify Status with type: 12 to reissue cards. For instructions see the Reissuing Cards guide.



The expiry_date and card_security_code (CVV2) that are returned by the endpoint are not the new values. The new values are generated later by the emboss process. Call Get Card to retrieve the new values after the emboss process has run.

Status codeDescription
589-01Reissue request for virtual card is invalid. Verify that prodId is not a virtual card product.
589-02The valid values for newPanFlag and newExpirationDate include Y/N. Verify that the values for those parameters are Y, N or blank.
589-03The valid values for oldCardStatus include D/C. Verify that the value is D or C or blank
589-04Trying to update card status without requesting new PAN. If oldCardStatus is populated then newPan: Y is required.
589-05Failure getting data associated with account/card. Cannot retrieve CAD, ENP or product ID. Contact Galileo for troubleshooting.
589-06Failure getting data associated with account/card. CAD or XID is null. Contact Galileo for troubleshooting.
589-07Insufficient funds to cover reissue fee. Follow your business process for this use case.
589-08Failure, generic error processing reissue fee. Contact Galileo for troubleshooting.
589-09Failure, card has pending reissue records. No next steps. The pending emboss record will be sent to the embosser in the next cycle.
589-10Card reissue cannot be processed. Contact Galileo for troubleshooting.
589-11If new_pan='Y' then new_expiry_date needs to be 'Y' too. Verify that newExpiryDate: Y when newPan: Y.
589-12Failure. You cannot reissue a card in status Lost or Stolen with the same PAN (newPan: N) and same expiry date (newExpiryDate: N).
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