Reissue Card

Use the Reissue Card endpoint to reissue a card, which means to send the card to the embosser again. Specify whether to keep the same PANPAN - Primary account number. The 16-digit number that is printed on a card, beginning with the BIN. This number is not the same as the account identifier, which is the PRN, or the card identifier, which is the CAD. and expiry date as the original card. This endpoint also changes the status of the original card.

Galileo recommends that you use the CADCAD - Card identifier (card_id). A Galileo-generated identifier for a card. This number is used internally and is not presented to customers, merchants, or card networks. You can use the CAD instead of the PAN if you are not PCI compliant. Retrieve the CAD from the RDFs or the responses for Get Account Cards or Get Card. for accountNo; however, you can use the PRNPRN - Payment reference number (pmt_ref_no). The 12-digit Galileo-generated account identifier, which exists independently of the PAN or other identifiers. if only one card has ever been associated with the account.

This endpoint is similar to Modify Status with type: 12 except that it offers more options.

Status CodeCode Description
589-01Reissue request for virtual card is invalid
589-02The valid values for newPanFlag and newExpirationDate include Y/N
589-03The valid values for oldCardStatus include D/C
589-04Trying to update card status without requesting new PAN
589-05Failure getting data associated with account/card
589-06Failure getting data associated with account/card
589-07Insufficient funds to cover reissue fee
589-08Failure, generic error processing reissue fee.
589-09Failure, card has pending reissue records.
589-10Card reissue cannot be processed
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