Business Application Identifier

The business application identifier (BAI) is a value provided by Visa to identify the type of Visa Money Transfer that is being performed. The bai field is available in the Auth API webhook and the RDFs.

CodeApplication type
AAAccount to account
BBBusiness to business
BIMoney transfer (bank-initiated)
BPNon-card bill payment
CDCash deposit
CICash in
COCash out
CPCard bill payment
FDFunds disbursement (general)
FTFunds transfer
GDGovernment disbursement
GPGambling payment (other than online gambling)
LOLoyalty and offers
MDMerchant disbursement
MIMerchant-initiated Money Transfer
MPFace-to-face merchant payment
OGOnline gambling payout
PDPayroll/pension disbursement
PPPerson to person
PSPayment for goods and services
TUPrepaid reload / top-up
WTWallet transfer