Modify Pending Deposit Status Return Codes

These are the values for the retCode parameter of the Modify Pending Deposit Status endpoint.

These codes are returned by the Get ACH Transaction History endpoint and these ACH-related Events:

Time frame — Refers to the period within which a RDFI must return a payment to the ODFI if the payment fails to complete due to a specific issue identified by one of the return codes below.

R02Account closedRDFIA previously active account has been closed by action of the customer of the RDFI.
Time frame: 2 Banking Days
R03No Account/Unable to locate accountRDFIThe account number structure is valid and it passes the Check digit validation, but the account number does not correspond to the individual identified in the Entry, or the account number designated is not an existing account.
Time frame: 2 Banking Days
R04Invalid account number structureRDFIThe account number structure is not valid.
Time frame: 2 Banking Days
R06Returned per ODFI’s requestRDFIThe ODFI has requested that the RDFI return an Erroneous Entry.
Time frame: Not defined; determined by ODFI and RDFI
R08Payment stoppedRDFIThe receiver has placed a stop payment order on this debit Entry.
Time frame: 2 Banking Days
R17File Record Edit Criteria /Entry with Invalid Account Number /Initiated Under Questionable Circumstances /Return of Improperly-Initiated ReversalRDFI(1) Field(s) cannot be processed by RDFI; (2) the Entry contains an invalid DFI Account Number (account closed/no account/unable to locate account/invalid account number) and is believed by the RDFI to have been initiated under questionable circumstances; or (3) either the RDFI or Receiver has identified a Reversing Entry as one that was improperly initiated by the Originator or ODFI.
Time frame: 2 Banking Days
R23Credit entry refused by receiverRDFIAny credit Entry that is refused by the Receiver may be returned by the RDFI.
Time frame: RDFI must transmit the Return Entry to the ACH Operator by the ACH Operator's deposit deadline for the Return Entry to be made available to the ODFI no later than the opening of business on the second Banking Day following the RDFI's receipt of notification of refusal of the Entry from its Receiver.