SEC Codes Requirements for ACH

This table discusses the SEC code requirements for the identNumber field in the Create Simulated ACH Transaction endpoint.

SEC codeRequiredPayment typeDetails
CCD – Corporate Debit or CreditNoCredits and debits, single or recurringUsed to facilitate commercial / business-to-business (B2B) payments between accounts belonging to the same or different business entities. Pass the accounting number by which the receiver is known to the Originator. It is included for further identification and for descriptive purposes.
CIE – Customer Initiated EntryYesOutgoing credit onlyUsed by the receiver (payee) to update accounts receivable records. Pass an accounting number by which the originator is known to the receiver, such as the number shown on an invoice, statement, billhead, notice, or other communication as the reference. Numbers may be a sequence and alphanumeric. The BTBG program parameter must be set to Y.
PPD – Prearranged payment and depositNoCredits and debitsEntry originated by a non-consumer organization to a consumer account based on a standing or single-entry authorization from that consumer. Typical uses are for personal payments such as payroll, pension, dividend, etc., or for collection of bill payments for various purposes such as utility dues, insurance, loan payments, etc.
WEB – Internet / MobileYesDebitUsed by a non-consumer originator to debit a consumer account, for recurring or non-recurring transactions, based on an authorization that is received other than by oral communication, i.e. via the internet or a wireless network. For a person-to-person (P2P) entry, this field contains the name of the P2P originator for use by the RDFI on the periodic statement.