Get Overdraft Balance

Use the Get Overdraft Balance endpoint to retrieve overdraft-related information such as available overdraft limit, payback amount, and DDADDA - Demand deposit account. The banking-industry term for an account from which funds can be withdrawn at any time, such as a checking account. balance including overdraft.

For accountNo you can use the PRNPRN - Payment reference number (pmt_ref_no). The 12-digit Galileo-generated account identifier, which exists independently of the PAN or other identifiers. or PANPAN - Primary account number. The 16-digit number that is printed on a card, beginning with the BIN. This number is not the same as the account identifier, which is the PRN, or the card identifier, which is the CAD. of the core account that is associated with the overdraft account or the PRN of the overdraft account.

See Global Response Statuses for status codes that are common across endpoints.

The table below lists status codes that apply to this specific endpoint.

Status CodeCode Description
472-01Cardholder is not opted in to overdraft
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