Create Simulated Card Settlement

Use the Create Simulated Card Settlement endpoint to settle a simulated card authorization in the CV environment. First, create a simulated authorization using the Create Simulated Card Authorization endpoint, and then use this endpoint to settle it.

  • If authId is not populated, then merchantName is required. Populate merchantName but not authId to simulate a force-posted transaction.
  • For instructions on using this endpoint see Simulating Card Transactions.



Do not use this endpoint in Production.



A simulated settlement will settle for only the amount of the card authorization — you cannot simulate an up-charge in the CV environment. For example, if the authorization amount is $10.50 and the settlement specifies $15.50, the posted settlement will be $10.50.

Status codes

See Global Response Statuses for status codes that are common across endpoints.

The table below lists status codes that apply to this specific endpoint.

Status codeDescription
544-01Method not available in the production environment
544-02Authorization is not found for account
544-03Authorization is already settled or in the wrong status
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