Enrollment Statuses

This table contains status codes that may be returned when an enrollment endpoint is called (Create Account, Create Virtual Card Account, Start Enrollment, Complete Enrollment). The three-digit prefix for an enrollment status code is specific to the endpoint, whereas the suffix after the hyphen is not endpoint-specific.

Status codeDescription
-01Card not issuable
-02Customer already has this product issued
-03Invalid instant issue card
-04Load amount outside of load limits
-05Could not create account
-06Could not load card
-07Primary account is invalid
-08Secondary accounts cannot be added to secondary accounts
-09Maximum number of secondary accounts exceeded
-10ID type 2 is required as main ID for running CIP
-11Account created, ID Validation failed
-12An application with the same ID has already been submitted
-14Success -- partial limit violation
-15Success -- delayed payment
-16Card is marked as fraudulent
-17Card not allocated to your store for issuance
-18Specified load from account number is invalid
-19A load was attempted for a non-positive amount
-20The prodId for the secondary account is not allowed