About External Transactions API

External Trans API is a webhook that allows clients to participate in the decisioning for:

  • Approving/denying bill payments
  • Approving/denying ACH debits

It's similar to Auth API, but for bill pay and ACH debits.

When the Galileo backoffice system processes a bill payment or ACH debit (i.e., an ACH transaction that will pull funds from an account), it can call out to a client system, giving the client the opportunity to approve or deny the transaction. Galileo will provide information about the transaction (the amount, the biller for bill payments, the recipient for ACH debits, etc.), and the client responds with a response code that indicates how it wants the transaction to be processed (approved, denied, denied with a specific ACH return code, retry the webhook later, etc.).

There are currently two endpoints (paths): One for billpay, and one for ACH debit. The entire endpoint is configurable. For example, a client could use these endpoints:

  • https://client.example.com/path/foo/achdebit
  • https://client.example.com/bar/billpay

while another client could use these endpoints:

  • https://www.bar.com/ach
  • https://www.bar.com/v2/bp