A dispute case has been created by either the Dispute API or the CST.

  • CodeCSCT
  • Event trigger — One of these things occurs:
    • The Submit Case endpoint is successfully called at the end of the dispute intake flow.
    • A case is submitted in the CST.
  • Processes — These processes contain the event trigger:
    • Intake flow for the Dispute API
    • Dispute tracker in the CST


All fields are strings. Your field names may vary. Default fields are included in the default webhook template. See Default and optional fields for more information.

Field Default Description
case_no X

Identifier for the case. Example: "22021000017C"

case_notice_date X

Date when the cardholder initiated the dispute. Format YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss. This value is sometimes empty. Example: "2023-04-23 14:24:05"

case_rege_date X

Due date for a Regulation E dispute. Format YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss Example: "2023-05-13 13:04:05"

dispute_count X

Number of disputed transactions included in the case. Example: "5"


Unique Galileo-generated identifier for this message. Example: "243693"


The four-letter code to identify this event. Example: "CSCT"

pmt_ref_no X

Galileo 12-digit payment reference number (PRN) for the account. Example: "155101003022"

prod_id X

The product ID of the account. Example: "1701"

prog_id X

The program ID of the account. Example: "305"

timestamp X

Date-time when this event was created in Mountain Standard Time (GMT -0700). Format: YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss MST Example: "2025-01-31 17:20:33 MST"

type X

The name of this event: "case_created"


# case_created example:
  "case_no": "22021000017C",
  "case_notice_date": "2023-04-23 14:24:05",
  "case_rege_date": "2023-05-13 13:04:05",
  "dispute_count": "5",
  "msg_event_id": "243693",
  "msg_id": "CSCT",
  "pmt_ref_no": "155101003022",
  "prod_id": "1701",
  "prog_id": "305",
  "timestamp": "2025-01-31 17:20:33 MST",
  "type": "case_created"