Colombia only. A cardholder made an issuer-fee inquiry to see what the fee would be for an ATM transaction. The available balance has not changed.

  • CodeAIFI
  • Event trigger — Galileo receives an ATM issuer-fee inquiry.
  • Process — This process contains the event trigger:
    • A cardholder in Colombia makes an issuer-fee inquiry at an ATM.


The data elements (DEs) in the field descriptions may vary by network. All fields are strings. Your field names may vary. Default fields are included in the default webhook template. See Default and optional fields for more information.

Field Default Description

The activity type, which will be either AU (Mastercard authorization) or DB (Maestro authorization) Example: "AU"

amount X

The amount of the cash withdrawal. Example: "200000.00"

auth_id X

Galileo-generated ID for the authorization request. This ID is unique per subnetwork. Example: "12303090"


Authorization identification response, a numeric code that Galileo returns to a merchant to verify that the transaction was authorized. DE038. Example: "012547"

auth_tran_type X

Based on DE003, processing code. Always contains 1 for withdrawal. Example: "1"

balance_id X

The balance ID, also called the galileo_account_number. Example: "20211"


Galileo-generated card ID. Example: "12534"


Currency code for amount, which is the currency of the cardholder account. Example: "840"

issuer_fee_amt X

The issuer fee for the intended ATM withdrawal. DE112 SE36. Example: "15000.00"

issuer_fee_inquiry_status X

Whether the transaction is an issuer fee inquiry. 01 is yes. DE112 SE35. Example: "01"


Unique Galileo-generated identifier for this message. Example: "243693"

msg_id X

The four-letter code to identify this event. Example: "AIFI"

network X

See Events Network Codes for possible values. Example: "M"

open_to_buy X

The available balance to spend. Example: "500.00"


The ID of a prior authorization in the sequence. For example, for a completion, this is the auth_id of the preauthorization. For a reversal, this is the auth_id of the transaction that is being reversed. Example: "12303085"


For ATM issuer-fee inquiries, the otype is A. Example: "A"

pmt_ref_no X

Galileo 12-digit payment reference number (PRN) for the account. Example: "999101003022"

pos_data_trans_status X

The status of the point-of-sale (POS) transaction. SE061 SF7. This will always be 8 Account Status Inquiry Service. Example: "8"

prod_id X

The product ID of the account. Example: "1701"

prog_id X

The program ID of the account. Example: "305"

timestamp X

Date-time when this event was created in Mountain Standard Time (GMT -0700). Format: YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss MST Example: "2025-01-31 17:20:33 MST"


Mastercard only. Transaction link identifier. An identifier that Mastercard generates for every original transaction. DE105SF1. Example: "f3a54c321e634e9b"

type X

The name of this event: "atm_issuer_fee_inquiry"


Contents of Field 62.2: Transaction Identifier (bitmap format). This Visa-generated transaction ID is unique for each original authorization and financial request. Example: "141037867734271"


# atm_issuer_fee_inquiry example:
  "act_type": "AU",
  "amount": "200000.00",
  "auth_id": "12303090",
  "auth_id_response": "012547",
  "auth_tran_type": "1",
  "balance_id": "20211",
  "cad": "12534",
  "currency": "840",
  "issuer_fee_amt": "15000.00",
  "issuer_fee_inquiry_status": "01",
  "msg_event_id": "243693",
  "msg_id": "AIFI",
  "network": "M",
  "open_to_buy": "500.00",
  "original_auth_id": "12303085",
  "otype": "A",
  "pmt_ref_no": "999101003022",
  "pos_data_trans_status": "8",
  "prod_id": "1701",
  "prog_id": "305",
  "timestamp": "2025-01-31 17:20:33 MST",
  "tlid": "f3a54c321e634e9b",
  "type": "atm_issuer_fee_inquiry",
  "visa_trans_id": "141037867734271"