Tokenization Recommendation Reason Codes

For Visa, these codes are possible values for the tokenization_recommendation_reason_code field, inside the tar_info object, of the Auth API:

01Cardholder’s wallet account is too new relative to launch.
02Cardholder’s wallet account is too new relative to the provisioning request.
03Cardholder’s wallet account card pair is newer than the date threshold.
04Changes made to account data within the date threshold.
05Suspicious transactions linked to this account.
06Account has not had activity in the last year.
07Suspended cards in the secure element.
08Device was put in lost mode in the last 7 days for longer than the duration threshold.
09The number of provisioning attempts on this device in 24 hours exceeds the threshold.
0AThere have been more than the threshold number of different cards attempted at provisioning this phone in 24 hours.
0BThe card-provisioning request contains a distinct name in excess of the permitted threshold.
0CThe device score is less than 3.
0DThe account score is less than 4.
0EDevice-provisioning location outside of the cardholder’s wallet-account home country.
0GSuspected fraud.
0HPhone score is less than 3.
AGIssuer preferred to defer ID and decision to token-creation time.
AHIssuer-encrypted payment-instrument data has expired.
AIUser/device that was intended to receive the encrypted payment instrument data is different from the one that is provisioning the token.
ALSending and receiving devices are different. Passcode was included in the issuer's encrypted payment-instrument data, then it matched the user-provided value.
AMPushing to a different user than the cardholder. Passcode was included in the issuer's encrypted payment instrument data, then matched the user-provided value.
ANSending and receiving devices are the same but without up-front authentication or passcode verification.
AOSending and receiving devices are the same but unsuccessful up-front authentication passcode verification.