A fee was posted to the specified account. Available balance has changed. The value for amount is positive even though the amount is debited from the account.

  • CodeBFEE
  • Event trigger — A fee is assessed to the account.
  • Processes — These processes contain the event trigger:


Field Type Description
act_type string (enum)

Activity type. Example: "VI"

amount string

Fee amount. Amount is positive. Example: "1.50".

balance_id string

The balance ID. Example: "2011".

description string

Transaction description. Example: "WIDGETS INC NEW YORK NY".

ext_trans_id string

External transaction ID. Example: "1234-abcdefg"

fee_id string

Galileo internal ID for the fee. Example: "19726862".

open_to_buy string

The current balance (open to buy) for the account. Example: "500.00".

otype string

Reference your program's fee transaction types for possible values. Example: ACT

pmt_ref_no string

Galileo Payment Reference Number for the account. Example: "155200002022".

prod_id string

The product ID of the account. Example: "1701".

prog_id string

The program ID of the account. Example: "305".

timestamp string

Time when the event was created. Format is YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS TMZ and the timezone (TMZ) is always MST. Example: "2019-12-29 11:20:33 MST".

type string



# fee example:
  "act_type": "VI",
  "amount": "1.50",
  "balance_id": "2011",
  "description": "WIDGETS INC NEW YORK NY",
  "ext_trans_id": "1234-abcdefg",
  "fee_id": "19726862",
  "open_to_buy": "500.00",
  "otype": "ACT",
  "pmt_ref_no": "155200002022",
  "prod_id": "1701",
  "prog_id": "305",
  "timestamp": "2019-12-29 11:20:33 MST",
  "type": "fee"