DE025 Codes

These codes are present in the de25 field (POS condition) in the AAAU: auth event webhook. The de25 field must be enabled by request in the Events API webhooks and in the RDFs.

00Normal presentment
01Cardholder not present
02Unattended terminal able to retain card
03Merchant suspicious
04Electronic cash register
05Cardholder present, card not present. May be present in AVS-only requests and CVV2-only requests/advices.
06Preauthorized request
07Telephone device request
08Mail and/or telephone
09Security alert
10Customer identity verified
11Suspected fraud
12Security reasons
15Cardholder terminal (home terminal)
16Administration terminal
27Unattended terminal unable to retain card
40Cardholder not present, standing order/recurring payment
52CVC/CVC2, CVV/CVV2 verified and valid
53CVC/CVC2, CVV/CVV2 verified and invalid
54Electronic commerce transaction, nonsecure or security unknown
55Electronic transaction — Secure, with cardholder certificate
56Electronic transaction — Secure, without cardholder certificate
57Electronic commerce transaction — Channel-encrypted
58Electronic commerce transaction — Nonsecure or security unknown
59Deferred billing