A transaction was settled. The amount has been posted to the specified account. Available balance has changed only if the settlement amount was different from the authorization amount or if the transaction was force-posted. For information on multi-clearing settlements, see Incremental clearing in the Settlement guide.

  • CodeSETL
  • Event trigger — One of the following takes place:
    • Galileo matches the transaction in the card network's batch file with a transaction in its database and posts the settlement.
    • Galileo receives a clearing message for a transaction for which there is no matching authorization and posts the settlement.
  • Process — This process contains the event trigger:
    • Galileo receives a clearing batch file from a card network, and Galileo compares the transactions in the batch file with its own authorization records.


All fields are strings. Your field names may vary.

Field Required Description
act_type X

See Activity Type for possible values. Example: "VI"

amount X

Amount of the settlement. Example: "25.33"

auth_id X

Galileo-generated ID for the authorization request. This ID is unique per subnetwork. Example: "12303090"

balance_id X

The balance ID, also called the galileo_account_number. Example: "20211"


Amount to be billed in the currency of the cardholder account (DE006). Example: "24.35"


Currency code for billing_amt (DE051). Example: "840"


The auth_id of the bookkeeping authorization record that is next in the series. Example: "108932"

cad X

Galileo-generated card ID. Example: "12534"


ID for the customer record. Example: "264539"


Currency code for amount, which is the currency of the cardholder account.. Example: "840"


See Authorization Response Codes for possible values. Example: "00"


The auth_id of the expired authorization that matches this settlement.


Interchange fee from the network. Example: "0.10059836"


Currency code for local_currency_amount (DE049). Example: "124"


Amount of the transaction in the currency at the point of sale (DE004). Example: "1245.20"

mcc X

Merchant category code (DE018). Example: "5712"


Concatenation of merchant_name and merchant_location. Example: "RIDESHARE.COM/CHARGES, SAN FRANCISCO, CA"

merchant_location X

Merchant city and state (from remaining part of ISO DE043). Example: "NEW YORK, NY"

merchant_name X

Merchant name (first 22 characters of DE043). Should not be used for matching; instead, use merchant_number. Example: "Widgets Incorporated"

merchant_number X

Merchant number (DE042). Example: "L4DIV6D5LM4X7LF"


Unique Galileo-generated identifier for this message. Example: "243693"


Total number of settlements in the sequence. Example: "3"


Number in the sequence for this settlement. Example: "2"

network X

See Events Network Codes for possible values. Example: "V"

open_to_buy X

The available balance to spend. Example: "500.00"


The exact date-time at which open_to_buy was captured. Format: YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss.ssssss Example: "2023-03-17 14:06:50.243654"


The ID of a prior authorization in the sequence. For example, for a completion, this is the auth_id of the preauthorization. For a reversal, this is the auth_id of the transaction that is being reversed. Example: "12303085"


The auth_id of the original preauthorization. Example: "456012"

otype X

See Transaction Types for possible values. Example: "W"

pmt_ref_no X

Galileo 12-digit payment reference number (PRN) for the account. Example: "155101003022"


Date that the transaction posted to the cardholder account. Format: MM/DD/YYYY Example: "03/18/2023"

prod_id X

The product ID of the account. Example: "1701"

prog_id X

The program ID of the account. Example: "305"


The amount of the preauthorization that has not been cleared yet. Example: "6.45"


Currency code for settle_currency_amount. Example: "840"


Amount of the settlement in the currency of the cardholder account. Example: "35.44"


Sign (+ or -) of the value in amount. Example: "-"


Settlement status. Example: "R"

timestamp X

Date-time when this event was created in Mountain Standard Time (GMT -0700). Format: YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss MST Example: "2023-01-29 17:20:33 MST"


Name of token requester. Example: "Apple Inc."

type X

The name of this event: "setl"


Populated according to your use case and needs by arrangement with Galileo.

* For existing clients these multi-clearing fields must be enabled by request. The fields might have different names. Check with Galileo for the names used by your program.


# setl example:
  "act_type": "VI",
  "amount": "25.33",
  "auth_id": "12303090",
  "balance_id": "20211",
  "billing_amt": "24.35",
  "billing_curr_code": "840",
  "bookkeeping_auth_id*": "108932",
  "cad": "12534",
  "client_id": "264539",
  "currency": "840",
  "de39": "00",
  "interchange_fee": "0.10059836",
  "local_currency": "124",
  "local_currency_amount": "1245.20",
  "mcc": "5712",
  "merchant_location": "NEW YORK, NY",
  "merchant_name": "Widgets Incorporated",
  "merchant_number": "L4DIV6D5LM4X7LF",
  "msg_event_id": "243693",
  "multi_count": "3",
  "multi_number": "2",
  "network": "V",
  "open_to_buy": "500.00",
  "opentobuy_ts": "2023-03-17 14:06:50.243654",
  "original_auth_id": "12303085",
  "original_multiclearing_auth_id*": "456012",
  "otype": "W",
  "pmt_ref_no": "155101003022",
  "post_date": "03/18/2023",
  "prod_id": "1701",
  "prog_id": "305",
  "remaining_amount*": "6.45",
  "settle_currency": "840",
  "settle_currency_amount": "35.44",
  "sign_amount": "+",
  "status": "R",
  "timestamp": "2023-01-29 17:20:33 MST",
  "token_type": "Apple Inc.",
  "type": "setl"