DE003 Codes

These codes are present in the de003 field (processing code) in some Authorization Events API webhooks. The de003 field must be enabled by request in the Events API webhooks and in the RDFs.

Positions 1–2

Transaction code.

00Goods and services or purchase (debit)
01Withdrawal or cash advance (debit)
10Money transfer funding (debit)
11Quasi-cash (debit) or issuer only
17Cashed check
20Return or correction (credit)
21Deposits (credit)
26Money transfer credit (credit)
30Available funds inquiry
31Pinned account inquiry (STAR NE platform only)
33Card/account verification
35Account list inquiry (STAR NE platform only)
39Account balance profile or PIN-less account inquiry
50Bill payment (debit) or payment to third party
54Funds transfer debit
55Payment from a third party (credit) or refund
56Payment or funds transfer (credit)
58Electronic payment (STAR NE platform only)
59Payment enclosed (STAR NE platform only)
70Prepaid card load
72Prepaid card activation
90PIN change
91Statement processing

Positions 3–4 and 5–6

Positions 3–4 are the sending account and positions 5–6 are the receiving account.

00Default (FND)
09Other (OTH)
10Savings (SAV)
20Checking (DDA)
30Credit (CRD)