Federal Benefit Enrollment Agency Types

Use these values for the agencyType parameter of the endpoints related to federal benefit enrollment: Get Federal Benefit Enrollments, Create Federal Benefit Enrollment, Resubmit Federal Benefit Enrollment, and Update Federal Benefit Enrollment.

SUPP SECURITYSupplemental Security Income
VA COMP/PENSIONVeterans Compensation & Pension
VA EDUCATN MGIBVeterans Education MGIB
VA EDUC MGIB/SRVeterans Education/Selected Reserve
VA LIFE INSURVeterans Life Insurance
VA VOC REHAB EMPVeterans Vocational Rehabilitaion & Employment Benefits
CIVIL SERV CSAFederal Civil Service Retirement/Annuity
CIVIL SERV CSFFederal Civil Service Survivor/Annuity
RAILROAD RET BDRailroad Retirement/Annuity Benefits
RAILROAD UISIRailroad Retirement Unemployment/Sickness Benefits