An authorization request was approved. The available balance has changed.

Event code AAAU is for completions (advice), reversal notifications, AVS-only checks, and yellow-path tokenization requests.

Event code BAUT is for all other authorization requests except ATM balance inquiries (AABI: bal) and card loads (AAPM: auth_payment).

  • CodesAAAU, BAUT
  • Event trigger — You or Galileo approve an authorization request.
  • Processes — These processes contain the event trigger:
    • AAAU
      Galileo receives one of these messages from the card network:
      • Preauthorization completion
      • Preauthorization reversal
      • Reversal notification
      • AVS-only request
      • A tokenization request that entered the yellow path
      • Advice notification of an approved STIPSTIP - Stand-in processing. At times the network performs a transaction on Galileo's behalf, such as when Galileo does not respond in time. The network sends Galileo an advice to notify of the transaction that it performed. transaction
    • BAUT
      Galileo receives one of these messages from the card network:
      • Preauthorization request
      • Authorization request


The data elements (DEs) indicated in the field descriptions may vary by network. All fields are strings. Your field names may vary.

Field Required Description
act_type X

See Activity Type for possible values. Example: "VI"

amount X

BAUT only, The amount of the authorization request. Includes local fees and upcharges. DE004 times the conversion rate in DE009. The amount is signed: - to debit the account and + to credit the account. Example: "10.25"


AAAU only. Amount of the transaction in cents. The amount is signed: - to debit the account and + to credit the account. Example: "26100"


BAUT only. Contents of the Auth API webhook for this transaction. Stringified JSON.

auth_id X

Galileo-generated ID for the authorization request. This ID is unique per subnetwork. Example: "12303090"


Based on DE003, processing code. Type of authorization request. See Authorization types for possible values. Example: "5"

balance_id X

The balance ID, also called the galileo_account_number. Example: "20211"


Amount to be billed in the currency of the cardholder account (DE006). Example: "24.35"


Currency code for billing_amt (DE051). Example: "840"

cad X

Galileo-generated card ID. Example: "12534"


AAAU only. Whether this is a card-not-present transaction. Y is card-not-present; N is card-present. Example: "Y"


Amount of the transaction that is cashback instead of purchase. This amount is included in amount. Example: "20.00"


ID for the customer record. Example: "264539"


Whether the transaction arrived at Galileo over credit or debit rails. Y is credit; N is debit. Example: "Y"


Currency code for amount, which is the currency of the cardholder account.. Example: "840"


Raw contents of DE003, processing code. See DE003 Codes for possible values. Example: "002000"


Raw contents of DE022, POS entry mode. See DE022 Codes for possible values. Example: "071"


AAAU only. Raw contents of DE025, POS condition. See DE025 Codes for possible values. Example: "00"


Whether this is a domestic transaction. Y is domestic; N is international. Example: "Y"


Transaction fee. This amount is not included in amount. Example: "2.00"


Currency code for local_currency_amount (DE049). Example: "124"


Amount of the transaction in the currency at the point of sale (DE004). Example: "1245.20"


The surcharge amount (DE028) added by the merchant or ATM operator. This amount is included in amount. Example: "2.50"

mcc X

Merchant category code (DE018). Example: "5712"


AAAU only. Concatenation of merchant_name and merchant_location. Example: "RIDESHARE.COM/CHARGES, SAN FRANCISCO, CA"

merchant_location X

Merchant city and state (from remaining part of ISO DE043). Example: "NEW YORK, NY"

merchant_name X

Merchant name (first 22 characters of DE043). Should not be used for matching; instead, use merchant_number. Example: "Widgets Incorporated"

merchant_number X

Merchant number (DE042). Example: "L4DIV6D5LM4X7LF"


Unique Galileo-generated identifier for this message. Example: "243693"


BAUT only. ISO 8583 message-type indicator. 4 digits. Example: "0200"

network X

See Events Network Codes for possible values. Example: "V"

open_to_buy X

The available balance to spend. Example: "500.00"


BAUT only. The exact date-time at which open_to_buy was captured. Format: YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss.ssssss Example:"2023-03-17 14:06:50.243654"`

original_auth_id X

The ID of a prior authorization in the sequence. For example, for a completion, this is the auth_id of the preauthorization. For a reversal, this is the auth_id of the transaction that is being reversed. Example: "12303085"

otype X

See Transaction Types for possible values. Example: "W"


BAUT only. The available balance immediately after the authorized amount was applied to the cardholder account.

pmt_ref_no X

Galileo 12-digit payment reference number (PRN) for the account. Example: "155101003022"

prod_id X

The product ID of the account. Example: "1701"

prog_id X

The program ID of the account. Example: "305"

response_code X

See Authorization Response Codes for possible values. Example: "05"


Pipe-delimited list of factors that were calculated for response_code. Example: "Acquiring merchant blocked by product|Suspected fraud"


Risk score provided by the network. Higher numbers mean higher risk. Example: "26"

rules_results X

Comma-delimited list of DENY, WARN or FREEZE rules from Galileo's dynamic fraud engine. Example: "hr_crypto:DENY, intl_cnp_ecom:DENY"


Currency code for settle_currency_amount. Example: "840"


Amount of the settlement in the currency of the cardholder account. Example: "35.44"


Sign (+ or -) of the value in amount. Example: "-"

timestamp X

Date-time when this event was created in Mountain Standard Time (GMT -0700). Format: YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss MST Example: "2023-01-29 17:20:33 MST"


BAUT only. Name of the entity that is requesting a tokenized version of the card. Example: "Apple Inc."


BAUT only. Identifier for "token_requester". Example: "40010030273"


Name of token requester. Example: "Apple Inc."

type X

The name of this event: "auth"


Populated according to your use case and needs by arrangement with Galileo.


# auth example:
  "act_type": "VI",
  "amount": "10.25",
  "amti": "26100",
  "auth_id": "12303090",
  "auth_tran_type": "5",
  "balance_id": "20211",
  "billing_amt": "24.35",
  "billing_curr_code": "840",
  "cad": "12534",
  "card_not_present": "Y",
  "cashback_amount": "20.00",
  "client_id": "264539",
  "credit_ind": "Y",
  "currency": "840",
  "de003": "002000",
  "de022": "071",
  "de25": "00",
  "domestic": "Y",
  "fee_amount": "2.00",
  "local_currency": "124",
  "local_currency_amount": "1245.20",
  "local_surcharge_amt": "2.50",
  "mcc": "5712",
  "merchant_location": "NEW YORK, NY",
  "merchant_name": "Widgets Incorporated",
  "merchant_number": "L4DIV6D5LM4X7LF",
  "msg_event_id": "243693",
  "mti": "0200",
  "network": "V",
  "open_to_buy": "500.00",
  "opentobuy_ts": "2023-03-17 14:06:50.243654",
  "original_auth_id": "12303085",
  "otype": "W",
  "pmt_ref_no": "155101003022",
  "prod_id": "1701",
  "prog_id": "305",
  "response_code": "05",
  "response_reasons": "Acquiring merchant blocked by product|Suspected fraud",
  "risk_score": "26",
  "rules_results": "hr_crypto:DENY, intl_cnp_ecom:DENY",
  "settle_currency": "840",
  "settle_currency_amount": "35.44",
  "sign_amount": "+",
  "timestamp": "2023-01-29 17:20:33 MST",
  "token_requester": "Apple Inc.",
  "token_requester_id": "40010030273",
  "token_type": "Apple Inc.",
  "type": "auth"