Global Response Statuses

This table shows the response codes that are common to most endpoints. See the individual endpoint descriptions for endpoint-specific response codes.

Status codeDescription
-5Provider configuration error
-4Unknown endpoint
-3Network or system failure
-2External system failure
-1System failure
1Missing parameters
2Invalid parameter(s)
4Failed API login
12Invalid customer account
17Invalid API usage. Consult documentation for correct usage.
18Unauthorized access to this version of the API
21Unregistered IP address
22Method not allowed for this provider
23Invalid date range
24Duplicate transaction
25Invalid or unconfigured type
26Limit violation
27Request cannot be completed
28Product not allowed for this provider
29Incorrect provider ID
30Invalid enrollment transaction
31Unknown or unregistered transaction
32Account and transaction details do not match
33Recipient not found
34Non-unique recipient criteria
35A problem exists with the recipient account
36Recipient same as sender
37Recipient velocity failure
38Sender velocity failure
39Invalid recipient ID
40Insufficient balance
41Recipient is not in the same program
42Recipient is not related to the primary account
43Recipient does not have an active account
44No records found
46Invalid product
47PAN is required as accountNo no in multi-card/account situations. There are multiple cards for the same PRN. CAD can be used instead of PAN.
48Configuration error
49Maximum recordset page size exceeded
50Invalid JWT
51Referenced account is not a credit product
52Invalid program ID
53Account not allowed to load funds
54This end point has been deprecated and will be removed in the very near future. If you feel that this is not valid, contact Galileo
55This transaction is already being processed
57Account is bankrupt or undergoing the bankruptcy process
100Success (Verify)
101Multiple cards found when searching by PRN
102No card found for account
103Too many results were found (>400). Modify search criteria to reduce the number of results.