Set Account-Level Auth Control

Use the Set Account-Level Auth Control endpoint to create or modify an account-level velocity control. Prior to calling this endpoint, call Get Auth Control to get the controlId for the control to set or modify. See Set Velocity Controls for instructions on using this endpoint.

To update existing velocity ALCs, see Updating velocity ALCs.

Status codes

See Global Response Statuses for status codes that are common across endpoints.

The table below lists status codes that apply to this specific endpoint.

Status codeDescription
599-01Failure, generic error, return values are invalid. Contact Galileo for troubleshooting.
599-02Failure, control_id does not exist. Use a valid value for controlId.
599-03Failure, prod_id is not configured to use specified control_id. Call Get Auth Control with prodId populated to retrieve valid control_ids for this products.
599-04Failure, an optional parameter is required for update/insert
599-05Failure, start_date is later than end_date
599-06Failure, the amount and/or transaction-count values provided are in conflict with another ALC with the same PRN and control ID. The amount and transaction-count limits for an ALC without MCCs must be greater than or equal to the amounts and transaction counts of ALCs with MCCs. Please adjust the amount and/or transaction-count values.
599-07Failure, the provided MCC range overlaps with an existing account-level MCC limit. Please use a different MCC range. Call Get Auth Control with accountNo populated to retrieve existing ALCs.
599-08Failure, the provided MCC range overlaps with an existing account-level or product-level MCC control. Please use a different MCC range. Call Get MCC Controls to retrieve existing MCC controls.
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