ACH Transaction Statuses

These are the values for the Get ACH Transaction History endpoint response in response_data > transactions > status.

ACancelled at account holder's request.
DDeleted by account holder.
EError. The transaction was invalidated before being included in the Nacha file, or the transaction was returned because of an error.
LCancelled due to violation of debit limit.
NQueued for transfer. The initial status when the transaction is placed in the queue to be validated. Only transactions in this state can be cancelled.
PQueued for transfer. This is the status after N when the transaction has been successfully validated and is ready to be added to the Nacha file.
RBad routing number.
SSent. The transaction has been placed in the Nacha file to be sent to the bank. If the transaction is successful, it remains in Sent status.
VQueued for transfer. This is the status after N when the validation is unsuccessful. The reject_code field is populated in this case.
XOn hold.
aApproved after limit violation.
bCancelled after limit violation.
lPending approval after limit exceeded.