Authorization Response Codes

These response codes are available in the Authorization Events API webhooks (response_code), the Authorized Transactions RDF (AUTHORIZATION RESPONSE), and the Auth API (response_code). When the transaction is denied, the code is available in transaction-related Program API responses as deny_code as well as in the CST.

This table has the response codes for all networks except Allpoint. See Allpoint response codes below.

Codes marked with an asterisk (*) are success codes. All other codes are deny codes.

00*Success. Authorization request approved.
01Issuer error.
04Capture card. The merchant or ATM must retain the card because fraud is suspected.
05Do not honor. This is the default deny code when other deny codes do not apply. Also the mobile-wallet provisioning red path, or card not in active status for AVS-only checks.
10*Partial approval. The amount approved is less than the authorization request amount.
14All but Visa. Invalid PAN. This PAN does not exist in the Galileo system. Transactions with this response are not passed to the Auth API or included in the RDFs or Program API responses.
30Format error.
41All but Visa. Lost, pick up. The card has been reported lost and is in status: L. The merchant should retain the card if possible and return it to the issuer.
43All but Visa. Stolen, pick up. The card has been reported stolen and is in status: S. The merchant should retain the card if possible and return it to the issuer.
46Visa only. Closed account. This response code includes lost, stolen, invalid account number, suspected fraud, and AVS-check failure during tokenization.
51Insufficient funds (NSF). The authorization amount is larger than the cardholder's available balance.
54Card expired or expiry date mismatch. The card's expiry date has passed, or the value provided by the merchant does not match the value on record.
55Invalid PIN. The wrong PIN was input in the PIN keypad.
57Transaction not permitted to cardholder. For some possible reasons for this response code, see Transaction type validation in the Authorization Controller API guide.
59Visa and STAR only. Suspected fraud. The risk score exceeds a program-specified threshold.
61Exceeds amount limit. The transaction violates the per-transaction velocity limit set by the program.
62Visa only. Restricted card. Card is being used in an OFAC-restricted country.
65Exceeds count limit. The transaction violates the number of transactions in a period velocity limit set by the program.
75PIN count exceeded. The number of failed PIN attempts exceeds the number set by the program.
78Visa only. Frozen card.
85*AVS-only success or mobile wallet provisioning yellow path. When the transaction amount is 0.00 and the response is 85, the AVS check was successful. For a provisioning request, see Manual provisioning workflow in the Setup for Mobile Wallets guide.
87*Partial approval (sale amount only, no cashback). The amount approved is less than the authorization request amount, and any requested cashback is denied.
91Visa only. Issuer did not respond in time.
96System error.
N7Invalid CVV2 (Visa only). The CVV2 provided in a card-not-present transaction did not match the CVV2 on record.

Allpoint Response Codes

The following numbering scheme is used for Allpoint response codes:

  • 0xx=authorization approved
  • 1xx=authorization denied
  • 2xx=authorization denied
  • 4xx=reversal actions
  • 6xx=administrative actions
  • 8xx=network management actions
  • 9xx=error response actions
001Approved With Identification
002Approved For Partial Amount
003Approved (VIP)
100Do Not Honor (General Denial)
101Expired Card
102Suspected Fraud
103Card Acceptor Contact Acquirer
104Restricted Card
105Card Acceptor Call Acquirer's Security Department
106Allowable Pin Tries Exceeded
107Refer To Card Issuer
108Refer To Card Issuer's Special Condition
109Invalid Merchant
110Invalid Amount
111Invalid Card Number
112Pin Data Required
113Unacceptable Fee
114No Account Of Type Requested
115Requested Function Not Supported (Invalid Transaction)
116Insufficient Funds
117Incorrect Pin
118No Card Record
119Transaction Not Permitted To Cardholder
120Transaction Not Permitted To Terminal
121Exceeds Withdrawal Amount Limit
122Security Violation
123Exceeds Withdrawal Limit Frequency
124Violation Of Law
126Invalid Pin Block
127Pin Length Error
128Pin Key Synchronization Error (Sanity Error)
129Suspected Counterfeit Card
130Transaction Failed OFAC Check
131Check Not Acceptable
138Incorrect Configuration (Custom; Not For General Use)
159Suspected Fraud (Custom; Not For General Use)
180Limit Exceeded Due To Cash Back Amount
181Enter Lesser Amount
182Institution Not Supported By Switch
183Balances Not Available For Inquiry
184Resubmission In Violation Of Network Rules
185Stop Payment On Check (Shared Branch Only)
200Do Not Honor
201Expired Card
202Suspected Fraud
203Card Acceptor Contact Acquirer
204Restricted Card
205Card Acceptor Call Acquirer's Security Department
206Allowable Pin Tries Exceeded
207Special Conditions
208Lost Card
209Stolen Card
210Suspected Counterfeit Card
211Invalid Card Number
214No Account Of Type Requested
216Insufficient Funds
217Incorrect Pin
601Not Able To Trace Back To Original Transaction
880Key Change Rejected—Check Value Mismatch
881Key Change Rejected—Local System Problem
882Key Change Request Rejected—Key Change In Progress
883Declined—Incorrect Institution Identifier
907Card Issuer Or Switch Inoperative
908Transaction Destination Cannot Be Found For Routing
909System Malfunction