Simulating Card Transactions



The simulation instructions have been recently reorganized. The individual simulation scenarios are now on separate pages, which you can see in the left navigation or you can find in the Simulations list.

This guide contains instructions for simulating various card transaction types using the Create Simulated Card Authorization and Create Simulated Card Settlement endpoints in the CV environment.

Before performing these simulations, you should follow the instructions in Setup for Card Transaction Simulations to create a card account, activate the card, and fund the account. To test RTF accounts see Testing Real-Time Funding in CV for initial setup and to see the additional funding transactions.



Do not follow this procedure in Production. The transaction-simulation endpoints are not valid in Production.

Simulation sequences

To find example transactions to base your tests on, try these resources:

  • Card Transaction Examples — Examples of the transaction types explained in the other guides.
  • Recipes — Annotated code samples. The "Auth API v3" Recipes are the most helpful for simulating card transactions.
  • Card Transaction Scenarios — Example scenarios to show how various card transaction types appear in the Program API, Events API, Auth API, and the RDFs.

Simulations list



This list of simulation types is not yet complete. More examples of card simulations will be made available in the future. Check the Changelog for updates to this document.

  • Three-step sequence — Conventional transaction: authorization, backout, settlement
  • Five-step sequence — Gas-pump transaction: preauthorization, preauthorization backout, completion, backout, settlement
  • Incremental authorizationNEW A ride-share app makes three incremental preauthorizations before being completed and then settled.
  • Authorization reversal — Full reversal of an authorization before settlement.
  • Authorization expiry — An authorization expires before being settled.
  • ATM withdrawal, Visa — The cardholder withdraws cash from an ATM. Both the ATM operator and the issuer charge fees for ATM withdrawals.
  • Force-post — Settlement of a transaction that has no matching authorization.
  • Cashback — The cardholder requests cash back during a purchase.
  • International transaction, Visa — The cardholder makes an international purchase, and a fee is assessed.