About the Dispute API



The Dispute API is in a preliminary state and is not available for general use. Galileo will communicate its availability through conventional channels.

The Dispute API is an cloud-based, conversational API that creates and submits disputes to Galileo's dispute platform. For instructions on using this API see the Creating a Dispute guide.

The Dispute API is not part of the Program API. For this API you use a different URL, and the status codes have a four-digit prefix (1502-01).

Base URL

For this API you are assigned a tenanted URL during the initial setup process for the Dispute API. Do not use the URL that you use for the Program API.


Follow the authentication steps for the Program API.


To test connectivity to the Dispute API, use the specialty Ping endpoint, which tests only the Dispute API. Do not use the Ping endpoint of the Program API.

Endpoint responses

Unlike the responses of the Program API endpoints, the field names in Dispute API responses are in camelCase instead of snake_case.