Use of Galileo's API will require an apiLogin, apiTransKey, providerId and transaction Id. These will be used to authenticate requests.

Each method uses this base set of parameters that handle validation of the authentication elements. The user is authenticated before the method logic is processed.

ParameterRequiredData TypePatternNotesExample Value
apiLoginYesString50 characters or lessProvider's Web Service Username as provided and authenticated by Galileo for the requesting IP Address.AbC123-9999
apiTransKeyYesString15 characters or lessWeb Service Password as provided and authenticated by Galileo for the requesting IP Address.4sb62fh6w4h7w34g
providerIdYesInteger10 digits or lessGalileo issued unique Provider identifier.9999
transactionIdYesString60 characters or lessA unique system generated ID number that identifies the API transaction with Galileo Processing systems. A UUID is preferred. This must be different for each transaction.9845dk-39fdk3fj3-4483483478
providerTransactionIdNoString60 characters or lessSecondary transaction identifier (generated by provider).47823438032233777
providerTimestampNoDateTime19 characters Format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SSAPI consumers should use this parameter if they wish to store the related timestamp in their system for reporting and troubleshooting purposes.2017-05-01 13:01:01
agentIdConditionalString2-30 character alphanumericAgent identity for use in transaction reporting and tracking.43493-ABDS-3333
agentFirstNameConditionalString2-30 character alphanumeric stringAgent first name for use in transaction reporting and tracking.Ed
agentLastNameConditionalString2-30 character alphanumeric stringAgent last name for use in transaction reporting and tracking.Harley