Modify Status Codes

TypeDescriptionAccount or card changedCard statusAccount status
1Activate accountAccount--N
2Deactivate accountAccount--C
3Initiate card lost process.CardL--
4Initiate card stolen process.CardS--
5Update card status to Cancelled.CardC--
6Initiate card activated process.Account & CardNN
7Update card status to Active.CardN--
8Update card status to Lost.CardL--
9Update card status to Stolen.CardS--
10Account disabled through IVR.Account--D
11Update account status to Active.Account--N
12Reissue card. Also see the Reissue Card endpoint.N/A----
13Deactivate account and cancel card(s).Account & CardCC
14Freeze overdraft account.N/A----
15Overdraft Unfreeze.N/A----
16Account deactivated and card(s) cancelled through the Galileo API.Account & CardZZ
17Freeze card.Card----
18Unfreeze card.Card----
19Reissue with new PAN. RECNP Prod parameter must be set.Card----
20Cancel without refund (status 'Z') all accounts and cards for a customer and all related accounts and cards.Account & CardZZ
21Update card status to waiting for payment.CardW--
22Set to Emboss.CardX--
23Disable single card.CardD--
24Suspend Account.Account--K
25Customer filed for bankruptcyAccount--f
26Bankruptcy dischargedAccount--d
27Bankruptcy dismissedAccount--e