About Cyberbank Konecta



This guide is intended to provide a general outline of new Galileo functionality prior to its release to production. The information in this guide is therefore subject to change as development proceeds and is not a guarantee of future functionality. If you are interested in this feature, contact Galileo for details.

Cyberbank Konecta from Galileo is a customer experience platform that enables banks and financial institutions to create and manage AI-powered virtual personal banking assistants to assist customers across multiple digital channels and in multiple languages (English, Spanish, and Portuguese), all while reducing operational costs.

Using conversational AI technology, you can create and train virtual personal banking assistants that speak naturally. The virtual personal banking assistants learn through customer interactions, which can improve understanding of customer sentiment and accuracy in discerning emotional sentiment. The AI engine can also detect when a customer inquiry is best handled by a live customer service agent.

Cyberank Konecta is a standalone product offering and can operate independently of any other Galileo products or software. It requires little to no technical development effort. You work closely with Galileo to design and build the virtual banking assistants to meet your business needs.

Why Cyberbank Konecta?

  • Build engaging customer experiences — Strengthen your customer engagement by offering delightful support experiences through virtual personal banking assistants.
  • Expand your reach to digital channels — Easily deploy your virtual personal banking assistants to digital and conversational channels (e.g. Whatsapp, Alexa, Facebook).
  • Reduce customer support costs — AI-powered virtual personal banking assistants can manage a wide range of customer inquiries, which can reduce the need for a live agent to respond to all questions.
  • Provide 24/7 customer support — Deliver reliable customer assistance via chat whenever your customers need it.
  • Reduce attrition risk by improving the customer experience

Key capabilities

Cyberbank Konecta is an easy-to-use platform that allows you to manage the end-to-end customer experience. As part of the SaaS offering, Cyberbank Konecta offers the following features:

  • Management of the customer inquiry end-to-end, including monitoring pending and active chats, conducting customer handoff to a live agent, and starting a video call with a customer.
  • Custom-made “AI Empathy Engine” that detects emotion from customer interaction and conducts a sentiment analysis to support empathic customer experiences.
  • Front-end chatbot widget that can be embedded for conversational journeys enablement into mobile applications or websites.
  • Self-service management of the virtual personal banking assistants including:
    • Creating and managing the virtual personal banking assistants
    • Language support (English, Spanish, and Portuguese)
    • Testing virtual personal banking assistants configurations prior to release to customers
    • Deploying virtual personal banking assistants to digital and conversational channels (e.g. Whatsapp, Alexa, Facebook)
    • Managing agent assignments and availability
  • Customized surveys to send to customers to collect feedback.
  • Insights from comprehensive analytics and reports that monitor customer interactions across all digital channels to help improve customer experience.
  • Easy integration with third party software products, including but not limited to Genesys, Zendesk, Salesforce, and Power BI.

What this means for your customers

At its core, Cyberbank Konecta is a customer experience platform designed to enable clients to offer engaging and delightful customer support experiences.

Cyberbank Konecta platform instantiates a three tiered support funnel that is designed to quickly and efficiently address your customer questions.

The three tiers to Cyberbank Konecta’s support funnel are: self-service, live agent support, and video-based agent support.

What you provide

  • System of record / account information

What Galileo provides

  • Platform reliability — Cyberbank Konecta is architected from the ground up for high availability. Services are actively deployed across three availability zones (sets of independent data centers), without any single points of failure.
  • Security and compliance — Security is supported with end-to-end encryption. Personal customer data is managed in accordance with local regulations.
  • 24/7 operational and platform issue support — We monitor the application and infrastructure continuously, and respond to operational issues proactively.
  • Seamless deployments of platform updates — Galileo deploys upgrades and new features without downtime or breaks in compatibility. We continuously monitor capacity and manage scaling as your business grows.

Use cases

These use cases present some ways you and your customers can take advantage of Cyberbank Konecta offering.

Use case 1

A national bank has observed a steady increase in call volume into their call center over the last year. This increased volume is putting pressure on the call center agents, driving low employee satisfaction and increasing turnover. Additionally, the national bank sees a higher attrition rate from their account holders than the previous years.

To alleviate the pressures on the call center, the national bank decides to invest in a chatbot platform to assist customers. They decided to use Cyberbank Konecta to build out their chat service because it allows them to build custom-made virtual personal banking assistants and integrate easily with their existing software products for managing customer inquiries.

Use case 2

A national credit union has made the difficult decision to reduce their brick and mortar footprint. The credit union branches at college campuses have failed to keep up due to an increase of college classes moving online, which in turn is driving the average age of their account holders up.

To capture younger demographics, the credit union decided to expand into new digital channels and enable an omnichannel strategy. Previously, customers could only interact with customer service by visiting the credit union location or sending an email. They decided to use Cyberbank Konecta to integrate virtual personal banking assistants into Whatsapp, a popular messaging app, and increase customer engagement. The credit union successfully expands their digital footprint and drives account activation across their members.

Reach out to Galileo for access to the Cyberbank Konecta User Manual and supporting documentation on creating and managing virtual personal banking assistants.