This guide contains instructions for simulating various card transaction types using the <a href="ref:post_createsimulatedcardauth" target="_blank">Create Simulated Card Authorization</a> and <a href="ref:post_createsimulatedcardsettle" target="_blank">Create Simulated Card Settlement</a> endpoints in the <<glossary:CV>> environment.

Before performing these simulations, you should follow these instructions:

  • <a href="doc:environments#client-validation-setup" target="_blank">Client Validation setup</a> in the _Environments_ guide

  • <a href="doc:setup-for-card-transaction-simulation" target="_blank">Setup for Card Transaction Simulations</a> to create a card account, activate the card, and fund the account

To test <<glossary:RTF>> accounts see <a href="doc:testing-real-time-funding-in-cv" target="_blank">Testing Real-Time Funding in CV</a> for initial setup and to see the additional funding transactions.


Do not follow this procedure in <<glossary:Production>>. The transaction-simulation endpoints are not valid in Production.

## Simulations list


This list of simulation types is not yet complete. More examples of card simulations will be made available in the future. Check the <a href="" target="_blank">Changelog</a> for updates to this document.

  • <a href="doc:three-step-sequence-simulation" target="_blank">**Three-step sequence**</a> — Conventional transaction: authorization, backout, settlement

  • <a href="doc:five-step-sequence-simulation" target="_blank">**Five-step sequence**</a> — Gas-pump transaction: preauthorization, preauthorization backout, completion, backout, settlement

  • <a href="doc:incremental-authorization-simulation" target="_blank">**Incremental authorization**</a> — Three incremental preauthorizations before being completed and then settled

  • <a href="doc:authorization-reversal-simulation" target="_blank">**Authorization reversal**</a> — Full reversal of an authorization before settlement

  • <a href="doc:authorization-expiry-simulation" target="_blank">**Authorization expiry**</a> — Authorization expires before being settled

  • <a href="doc:atm-withdrawal-visa-simulation" target="_blank">**ATM withdrawal, Visa**</a> — Cash withdrawal from an ATM with operator and issuer fees

  • <a href="doc:force-post-simulation" target="_blank">**Force-post**</a> — Settlement of a transaction with no matching authorization

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  • <a href="doc:cashback-simulation" target="_blank">**Cashback**</a> — Cash back during a purchase

  • <a href="doc:international-transaction-visa-simulation" target="_blank">**International transaction, Visa**</a> — International purchase with fee

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### Further examples

To find more example transactions to base your tests on, try these resources:

  • <a href="page:card-transaction-scenarios-index" target="_blank">**Card Transaction Scenarios**</a> — Example scenarios to show how various card transaction types appear in the Program API, Events API, Auth API, and the <<glossary:RDF>>s.

  • <a href="doc:card-transaction-examples" target="_blank">**Card Transaction Examples**</a> — Examples of the transaction types explained in the other guides.

  • <a href="" target="_blank">**Recipes**</a> — Annotated code samples. The "Auth API v3" Recipes are the most helpful for simulating card transactions.