CDF Reference

Custom data files (CDFs) are made available through the same method as RDFs. In general, CDFs are available a few hours after the RDFs. CDF data sets are securely delivered via SFTP in CSV format.

This document contains details about each of the CDFs, including field descriptions:

Expired Auth CDF

The Expired Auth CDF provides the expired authorizations for the prior day.

This table contains default fields for the Expired Auth CDF.

  • The primary key for this file is Program ID + Transaction ID + Network Code.
  • The filename format is expired_auth_%Y%m%d.csv.



The Expired Auth CDF contains data from these networks only: Mastercard debit, Mastercard credit, Visa, STAR.

CDF field nameData typeDescription
Account NumberNUMBERGalileo account ID, balance ID
Card IDNUMBERCard identifier
PRNCHAR (12)Payment reference number
Program IDNUMBERProgram ID
ProductNUMBERProduct ID
Transaction IDNUMBERAuthorization ID, ‘auth_id’
Authorization TSDATEDatetime timestamp of when the transaction was authorized
Expired TSDATEDatetime when the authorization expired
AmountNUMBERAuthorization amount
Trans Currency CodeCHAR (3)Currency code for auth_amt
Merchant NumberCHAR (15)Merchant ID
Merchant DescriptionCHAR (40)Merchant description
Network CodeCHAR (1)Network code
Retrieval Reference NumberVARCHAR (12)Retrieval reference number

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The Early ACH CDF provides the ACH details along with the number of days of early posting.

This table contains standard fields for the Early ACH CDF.

  • The primary key for this file is Transaction ID.
  • The filename format is early_ach_report_%Y%m%d.csv.
CDF field nameData typeDescription
Transaction IDVARCHAR2 (2)Maps as identifier for the source of load/payment or source of the adjustment
Transaction TypeCHAR (6)Concatenation of activity type (act_type) and transaction type (otype)
Source IDNUMBER (18)For PMxx transaction types, this field contains the payment ID (pmt_id), and for ADxx transaction types, this field contains the adjustment ID (adj_id)
External Transaction IDVARCHAR2 (60)ACH transaction ID provided by client or partner
Transaction TimeDATETransaction time of the ACH record
Authorization CodeNUMBERUnique identifier for the transaction
Number of Days EarlyNUMBERThe number of days early the ACH transaction is
Posted EarlyCHAR (1)Flag for early ACH (Y for early ACH)
Effective DateDATEACH effective date (when the Nacha file says it would have posted without early ACH)
Settlement DateDATEThe date the transaction was settled/posted
Receive DateDATEACH file date (the date the Nacha file was received)
Load DateDATEACH load date (the date the ACH transaction was loaded to a Nacha file)
AmountNUMBERAmount of the ACH transaction
PRNCHAR (12)Payment reference number
Trace NumberNUMBERACH trace number as received by Galileo

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ACH Returns CDF

The ACH Returns CDF provides details on returned ACH transactions for the prior day.

This table contains default fields for the ACH Returns CDF.

  • The primary key for this file is TransID.
  • The filename format is ach_returns_report_%Y%m%d.csv.
CDF field nameData typeDescription
NameVARCHAR2 (80)Name
SourceNameVARCHAR (30)Source institution name
AmountNUMBERAmount of the ACH transaction
DebCredIndicatorCHAR (1)Debit/credit indicator. D = debit; C = credit
ReceivedDateDATEDate that Galileo received the returned transaction
EffectiveDateDATEDate when the ACH transaction was to take effect (without early ACH)
ReturnDateDATEDate the transaction was returned
ReturnReasonCodeCHAR (3)Return reason code
ReturnReasonDescriptionVARCHAR2 (255)Return reason description
TransIDCHAR (2)Transaction ID
XIDNUMBERInternal Galileo account ID

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Incoming ACH CDF

The Incoming ACH CDF provides all incoming ACH for the prior day.

This table contains default fields for the Incoming ACH CDF.

  • The primary key for this file is Authorization Code + Transaction Type.
  • The filename format is incoming_ach_report_%Y%m%d.csv.
CDF field nameData typeDescription
Company NameVARCHAR2 (20)Company name
Company IDNUMBERCompany ID
Company DescriptionVARCHAR2 (15)Company description
Individual NameVARCHAR2 (80)Individual name
Individual IDNUMBERIndividual ID
Authorization CodeNUMBERAuthorization code
Transaction TypeVARCHAR2 (2)Transaction type
Trace NumberNUMBERTrace number
PRNCHAR (12)Payment reference number

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Overdraft CDF

The Overdraft (OD) CDF provides information related to overdraft DDA accounts for prior days.

This table contains default fields for the OD CDF.

  • The primary key for this file is GPR_XID.
  • The filename format is od_details_DDA_%Y%m%d.csv.
CDF field nameData typeDescription
ODProgramIDNUMBERCompany name
ODAccountIDNUMBER (18)Galileo account ID, balance ID
GPRAccountIDNUMBERGPR Galileo account ID
ODAccountStatusVARCHAR2 (2)Overdraft account status
ODEligibilityStatusVARCHAR2 (2)Overdraft eligibility status
ODOpt-InDateDATEOverdraft opt-in date
ODOpt-OutDateDATEOverdraft opt-out date
ODTotalBalanceNUMBERTotal overdraft balance
ODLimitNUMBEROverdraft limit
GPR_XIDNUMBER (13)Unique account identifier within a program

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Settlement CDF

The Settlement CDF provides a BIN settlement summary report (similar to gAnalytics).

This table contains default fields for the Settlement CDF.

  • The primary key for this file is Basebin + Date + Network.
  • The filename format is settlement_%Y%m%d.csv.



This report looks back one day for Visa, Mastercard, and Discover; two days for Pulse, Allpoint and STAR; and three days for Maestro/Cirrus. In comparison, the gAnalytics report looks back one day for all.

CDF field nameData typeDescription
BasebinCHAR (8)Base BIN
NetworkVARCHAR2 (255)Card network
LoadNUMBERLoad amount
Load ReversalNUMBERLoad reversal amount
Cash DisbNUMBERCash disbursement amount
Cash Disb FeeNUMBERCash disbursement fee amount
Retail SalesNUMBERRetail sales amount
CreditsNUMBERCredits amount
Unique TransNUMBERUnique transaction amount
ATM DisbNUMBERATM disbursement amount
ATM Disb FeeNUMBERATM disbursement fee amount
Interchange FeeNUMBERInterchange fee amount
Special TransNUMBERSpecial transaction amount
Misc TransNUMBERMiscellaneous transaction amount
ChargebacksNUMBERChargebacks amount
Sec PresentNUMBERSecond presentments amount
ArbitrationNUMBERArbitration amount
Switch FeeNUMBERSwitch fee amount
Net SettleNUMBERNet settlement amount
Net TransNUMBERNet transaction amount
Settle TotalNUMBERSettlement total amount
Net Interchange FeeNUMBERNetwork interchange fee amount

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The MC SAFE Report CDF provides a BIN settlement summary report (similar to gAnalytics).

This table contains default fields for the MC SAFE Report CDF.

  • The primary key for this file is ARN.
  • The filename format is mc_safe_<ica>%Y%m%d.csv.
CDF field nameData typeDescription
RECORD_TYPECHAR (3)Record type
ISSUER_CUSTOMER_NUMBERCHAR (6)Issuer customer number
ACQ_IDCHAR (11)Acquirer ID
ARNCHAR (23)Acquirer reference number
FRAUD_POSTED_DTDATEFraud posted date
ENPVARCHAR2 (53)Encrypted PAN
TRANS_DATEVARCHAR2 (8)Date when the transaction was authorized
TRANS_AMTVARCHAR2 (10)Amount of the authorization
TRANS_AMT_CH_BILL_CRNCYVARCHAR2 (9)Billing amount of the transaction
CARD_PROD_CODECHAR (3)Card product code
MERCHANT_NAMEVARCHAR2 (22)Name of the merchant from DE043
MERCHANT_IDVARCHAR2 (15)Merchant ID from DE042
MERCHANT_CITYVARCHAR2 (50)Merchant city from DE043
MERCHANT_STATE_CDVARCHAR2 (3)Merchant state or province, two-character abbreviation
MERCHANT_COUNTRYVARCHAR2 (3)ISO 3166-1 three-digit merchant country code
MERCHANT_POSTAL_CODEVARCHAR2 (5)Merchant postal code from DE043
MCCNUMBERMerchant category code
POS_CARD_PRES_INDVARCHAR2 (1)Point-of-sale card-present indicator
CAT_LEVEL_INDVARCHAR2 (1)Category level indicator
ELEC_COM_INDCHAR (1)E-commerce indicator (3-D Secure)
POS_ENTRY_MODEVARCHAR2 (1)Point-of-sale entry mode, first two characters of DE022
TERMINAL_IDVARCHAR2 (8)ID for the card-reading device
SUB_FRAUD_TYPE_CODECHAR (1)Sub-fraud type code
CHARGEBACK_INDNUMBERWhether the transaction has been charged back
SETTLE_DATEVARCHAR2 (8)Date when the transaction was settled
AUTH_RESP_CDCHAR (2)Response code for the authorization request
CVC_INDVARCHAR2 (1)CVC indicator
ACCT_DEVICE_TYPECHAR (1)Account device type
SECURE_CDCHAR (1)Secure code
AVS_RESP_CDCHAR (1)Address verification service response code
CARD_PRESENT_INDNUMBERCard-present indicator

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Chargeback and Dispute CDF

The Chargeback and Dispute CDF provides chargeback and dispute information for the prior day. It is similar to the Dispute Tracker Log report in gAnalytics. This CDF includes all current (open) disputes, so an open dispute will be included every day until it is closed.

This table contains default fields for the Chargeback and Dispute CDF.

  • The primary key for this file is DISPUTE_ID.
  • The filename format is Dispute_Chargeback_Report_%Y%m%d.csv.
  • To link the transactions in this file to the original transactions in the Posted Transactions RDF, match the AUTHORIZATION_CODE + ASSOCIATION in this file with the AUTHORIZATION CODE + NETWORK CODE of the RDF.
CDF field nameData typeDescription
PROGRAMVARCHAR2 (250)Program name
AGENTVARCHAR2 (250)Dispute agent name
DISPUTE_CASEVARCHAR2 (250)Case number for all disputes files
DISPUTE_IDVARCHAR2 (250)ID assigned to each disputed transaction
BAL_IDVARCHAR2 (250)Galileo ID or balance ID
XIDVARCHAR2 (250)Internal Galileo account ID
BASE_BINVARCHAR2 (250)Base BIN (6-8 digits)
CH_NOTICE_DATEVARCHAR2 (250)Cardholder notification date
LTR_DATEVARCHAR2 (250)Date when the written confirmation letter was received
DATE_LOGGEDVARCHAR2 (250)Date when the dispute was logged in the system
WRITTEN_CONFIRMATION_REQUESTVARCHAR2 (250)Date when the written confirmation was requested
LOST_STOLENVARCHAR2 (250)Whether the dispute is for a card after it was lost or stolen
CH_DISCOVERY_DTVARCHAR2 (250)Date when the cardholder noticed the erroneous transaction
ERROR_DESCRIPTIONNVARCHAR2 (250)Description of dispute reason (selected from drop-down)
TRANSACTION_TYPEVARCHAR2 (250)Transaction type from drop-down menu: NEW (account <30 days from first load) FOR (foreign-initiated), ATM, POS, OTH (other)
FOLLOWUP_DATEVARCHAR2 (250)Follow-up date
reg_eVARCHAR2 (250)Whether the dispute falls under Regulation E
REGE_RESOLUTIONVARCHAR2 (250)Date when the Regulation E dispute should be resolved: 45 or 90 days
MERCHANT_NAMEVARCHAR2 (250)Merchant where the transaction took place
SETTLE_DATEVARCHAR2 (250)Date on which the disputed transaction settled
DISPUTE_AMOUNTVARCHAR2 (250)Amount disputed
PC_DATEVARCHAR2 (250)Date when provisional credit was issued
PC_AMTVARCHAR2 (250)Amount of provisional credit issued
PC_LETTER_DATEVARCHAR2 (250)Date when a provisional credit letter was sent
PC_REVERSAL_DATEVARCHAR2 (250)Date when a provisional credit was reversed
CH_LIABILITY_AMTVARCHAR2 (250)Amount for which the cardholder is liable
RESOLUTIONVARCHAR2 (250)How the dispute was resolved
DATE_COMPLETEVARCHAR2 (250)Date the dispute was resolved
CURRENT_STATUSVARCHAR2 (250)Current status of the dispute
MCCVARCHAR2 (250)Merchant category code for the transaction under dispute
CB_DATEVARCHAR2 (250)Chargeback date
CB_AMTVARCHAR2 (250)Chargeback amount
CB_REASON_CODEVARCHAR2 (250)Chargeback reason code
SEC_PRESENTMENT_DATEVARCHAR2 (250)Date of the second presentment
PRE_ARB_DATEVARCHAR2 (250)Arbitration chargeback date
ENDING_STATUSVARCHAR2 (250)Final status of dispute
CRED_RESOLUTIONVARCHAR2 (250)Date when provisional credit was finalized
AUTH_DATEVARCHAR2 (250)Date when disputed transaction was authorized
AUTHORIZATION_CODEVARCHAR2 (250)Authorization ID (auth_id) of the disputed transaction
SETTLE_DTL_IDVARCHAR2 (250)Settlement detail ID
PRNVARCHAR2 (250)Payment reference number

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Direct Deposit Switch CDF

The Direct Deposit Switch CDF provides data on direct deposit switch transactions.

This table contains default fields for the Direct Deposit Switch CDF.

  • The primary key for this file is galileo_guid.
  • The filename format is ddswitch_trans_%Y%m%d.csv.
CDF field nameData typeDescription
prod_idNUMBER (10,0)Product ID
xidNUMBER (12,0)Internal Galileo account ID
ddswitch_idVARCHAR (32)Sequence number that is the primary key in the backend database
galileo_guidVARCHAR (32)Unique ID for the direct deposit switch transaction
galileo_timestampTIMESTAMPTransaction timestamp in UTC of when the transaction was completed in ISO 8601 format
event_statusVARCHAR (30)Final status of the direct deposit switch transaction: COMPLETED or FAILURE. Incomplete transactions are not included.
distribution_typeVARCHAR (10)Type of distribution in distribution_amount: Fixed, Percentage, Total
distribution_amountNUMBER (20,2)Amount of the deposit.
event_status_reasonVARCHAR (50)The reason for the status when event_status: FAILURE. See Direct Deposit Switch Failure Status Reasons for valid values.
vendor_selectionVARCHAR (10)Direct deposit switch vendor: Atomic or Pinwheel

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B2B Customer Master Supplemental CDF

The B2B Customer Master Supplemental CDF shows the relationship between Real-Time Funding or Corporate Credit Limit spending accounts and their respective funding accounts.

  • The primary key for this file is XID or BAL_ID.
  • The filename format is b2b_custmaster_supplemental_%y%m%d.csv
CDF field nameData typeDescription
BAL_IDVARCHAR2 (250)The balance ID, or galileo_account_number of the spending account
XIDVARCHAR2 (250)Internal account ID of the spending account
PRIMARY_PRNVARCHAR2 (12)PRN of the spending account
FUNDING_PRNVARCHAR2 (12)PRN of the funding account that is associated with PRIMARY_PRN
GROUP_IDVARCHAR2 (12)Group ID, if the account is part of a Corporate Hierarchy

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MSI Installments CDF

The MSI Installments CDF contains information about MSI Installments. Only transactions related to MSI Installments are included in this file.

  • The filename format is Installments_Posted_Trans_[clientname]_%Y%m%d.csv
  • The Source column indicates where the value came from: Galileo, a Nacha file, a private data subelement (PDS) from a network settlement file, or a data element (DE) in the ISO 8583 message in the authorization stream. The actual element/subelement number for a field may vary by network, and not all elements/subelements are present for all networks.
  • "Signed" amounts have a - sign for debits and no sign for credits: -30.25 for a debit and 23.67 for a credit.
  • All DATETIME fields are YYYY-MM-DD h24:mm:ss.
CDF field nameSourceData typeDescription
UNIQUE PROGRAM IDGalileoNUMBER (18)The identifier that Galileo has assigned to your program.
GALILEO ACCOUNT IDGalileoNUMBER (18)The balance ID, which is different from the account ID (PRN). It is possible for two or more accounts to share the same balance ID.
CARD IDENTIFIERGalileoNUMBER (18)Sometimes called the CAD, this identifier is given to each unique card that is issued to an account. If you are not PCI compliant, you can sometimes use this identifier instead of the PAN.
TRANSACTION DATE/TIMEGalileoDATETIMEThe time that Galileo responded to the authorization request, or when a non-card transaction posted to the account
POST DATEGalileoDATETIMEThe date when Galileo posted the transaction to the customer account
TRANSACTION AMOUNTGalileoNUMBER (9,2)Signed. The amount that was posted to the account, in the currency of the account. In the case of a settlement, the amount may be different from its corresponding authorization amount.
INTERCHANGE FEE AMOUNTNUMBER (9,2)Signed. The amount of interchange or fee associated with this transaction. ATM fees and interchange reversals are negative; interchange earned is positive. This field is populated only for card transactions.

This value is rounded to 2 decimal places; for the full amount without rounding, see IC FEE AMOUNT.
TRANSACTION CODE/TYPEGalileoCHAR (6)The concatenation of the activity type (act_type) and the transaction type (otype). For an explanation of transaction codes see Classifying transactions in the About Transactions guide.
TRANSACTION CURRENCY CODEDE049CHAR (3)The currency code at the point of sale, for card transactions
AUTHORIZATION CODEGalileoNUMBER (18)A Galileo-generated identifier for an authorization, called auth_id in other contexts. For non-network transactions, this field contains the ID for the payment, adjustment, or fee. This ID is unique only per subnetwork or transaction type (payment, adjustment, fee), so there could be an ID collision between an authorization from Mastercard Banknet and a payment, for example. See Mapping Transactions Within Your System for more information.
MERCHANT NUMBERDE042CHAR (25)An identifier that each network assigns to a merchant location. For non-card transactions, this may be a location ID provided by you or Galileo.
MERCHANT DESCRIPTIONDE043CHAR (40)Descriptive text provided by the merchant to identify the merchant name and location and sometimes the transaction type
MERCHANT CATEGORY CODEDE018NUMBER (18)The ISO 18245 four-digit identifier that specifies the type of merchant, such as ATM, gas pump, bookseller, airline, hotel, and so on
MERCHANT COUNTRY CODEDE049VARCHAR2 (3)The ISO 3166-1 three-digit code for the country where the merchant is officially located
EXTERNAL TRANSACTION IDDE038VARCHAR2 (60)For network transactions, the authorization identification response in DE038, which is a numeric code that Galileo returns to a merchant to verify that the transaction was authorized. This number is often printed on customer receipts. For transactions initiated by the Program API, this is the transactionId of the API request. This field may be populated in other ways according to your setup and the transaction type.
NETWORK CODEGalileoVARCHAR2 (1)A single letter to specify the subnetwork over which the authorization request arrived. This field is populated only for card transactions. See Network Codes for possible values.
SOURCE IDGalileoNUMBER (18)For card transactions, the source ID is the same as the authorization ID. For other types of transactions, the source ID maps back to the original transaction, such as payment ID, adjustment ID or ACH transaction ID. The ID field in the CST corresponds to the source ID.

Keep in mind that the source ID is unique only to the transaction type or the subnetwork, so there could be a collision between a source ID for a payment and a source ID for an authorization, for example.
SOURCE TYPECHAR (1)Type of source: S (settlements) or A (activity)
PRODUCT IDGalileoNUMBER (18)Identifier for the account's product in the Galileo system
TRANSACTION DESCRIPTIONVARCHAR2 (100)Description for certain transactions
PRNGalileoCHAR (12)The payment reference number, a unique Galileo-generated identifier for an account
ACTIVITY IDGalileoNUMBERIdentifier for the transaction in the activity table, which includes anything that affects the available balance; ID is unique per core
BATCH HEADERNacha fileVARCHAR2 (94)Record header for incoming ACH credits
SOURCE INSTITUTION NAMENacha fileVARCHAR2 (35 bytes)The source institution name for the incoming ACH credit
XIDGalileoNUMBERInternal account identifier; has a 1:1 relationship with the PRN
GROUP IDNUMBERIdentifier of the store where the card was sold
AUTH AMOUNTNUMBER (9,2)Amount that was authorized.
FOREIGN TRANSACTION INDICATORGalileoCHAR (1)Whether the transaction is foreign relative to the account's country: Y (foreign) or N or null (domestic). This field is populated only for card transactions.
ROLLING BALANCEGalileoNUMBER (9,2)Signed. Available balance after this transaction took place. If you are the system of record instead of Galileo, this value may be inaccurate.
CASHBACK AMOUNTDE005NUMBER (9,2)Amount of the transaction to give to the cardholder as cash
ARNVARCHAR2 (23)Mastercard only. Acquirer reference number
MESSAGE TYPE FLAGGalileoCHAR (2)The otype of the authorization
LOCAL AMOUNTDE004NUMBER (16,4)Signed. Transaction amount in the currency at the point of sale
SETTLE AMOUNTDE005NUMBER (16,4)Signed. Transaction amount in the settlement currency
BILLING AMOUNTDE006NUMBER (16,4)Signed. Transaction amount in the billing currency, which is the cardholder account currency
REVERSAL IDGalileoNUMBERContains the authorization ID of the previous authorization in a series, such as with incremental authorizations, reversals, and completions. See Linking transactions in the About Transactions guide for more information.
ORIGINAL AUTH CODEGalileoNUMBERSource ID for the transaction that this fee was assessed to
ASSOCIATION TRANS IDDE062VARCHAR2 (15)Visa only. The transaction ID provided by the network
FULL MERCHANT DESCRIPTIONDE043VARCHAR2Merchant name and full address and store number if provided by the network at the time of settlement
CCA FEEDE111NUMBER (9,2)Currency conversion assessment (CCA) fee
MC SEQ COUNTGalileoNUMBER (2)Multi-clearing sequence count. Total number of clearings in this sequence
MC SEQ NUMBERGalileoNUMBER (2)Multi-clearing sequence number. Position of this clearing in the sequence
FILE IDSettlement fileVARCHAR2 (25)Visa only. Identifier for the settlement file
SETTLE DATEGalileoDATETIMEDate and time when the transaction was settled
Nacha file
VARCHAR2 (20)For a card transaction, an identifier from the merchant that is included with all messages related to that transaction.

For an ACH transaction the trace number assigned by Galileo to outgoing ACH transactions.
CARD PRESENT INDICATORDE061CHAR (1)Whether this was a card-present transaction: Y (card present) or N (card not present)
RECURRING TRANSACTION FLAGDE061CHAR (1)Whether this is a recurring transaction: Y (recurring) or N (not recurring)
POS ENTRY MODEDE022NUMBER (2)First two characters of DE022. How the PAN was entered, such as magnetic stripe, EMV chip, or contactless. See DE022 Codes.
IS AFT TRANSACTIONDE003CHAR (1)Whether this is an account funding transaction: Y (AFT) or N (not AFT)
LOCAL SURCHARGE AMOUNTDE028NUMBER (16,4)Signed. Local surcharge amount, a fee applied to the ATM withdrawal amount by the ATM's operator
CASE SENSITIVE FLAGGalileoVARCHAR2 (1)Which case the otype in TRANSACTION CODE/TYPE is: Y (uppercase) , N (lowercase) or blank (not specified)
CONVERSION RATE – RECONDE009VARCHAR2 (8)The currency conversion rate when converting TRANSACTION AMOUNT to SETTLE AMOUNT. See Conversion rates to interpret the value.
CONVERSION RATE – BILLINGDE010VARCHAR2 (9)The currency conversion rate when converting TRANSACTION AMOUNT to BILLING AMOUNT. See Conversion rates to interpret the value.
DRAWDOWN SETTLEMENT DATEDATETIMEDate-time when the amount was taken from the issuing bank account
SETTLEMENT DATEDE015CHAR (4)Date on which the card transaction settled
CREDIT INDICATORGalileoCHAR (1)Whether the transaction arrived at Galileo over credit rails: Y (credit rails) or N (debit rails)
CONTACTLESS TRANSACTIONSDE022CHAR (1)Whether the card was authenticated using contactless technology: Y (contactless) or N (not contactless)
MOBILE TRANSACTIONSGalileoCHAR (1)Whether a token requestor ID was present: Y (mobile wallet) or N (not mobile wallet)
ACTUAL POST DATEGalileoDATETIMEDate-time when the ACH credit was posted to the account
ORIGINAL SETTLEMENT DATENacha fileDATETIMEDate-time when the ACH credit was originally to be posted
SETTLE DTL IDGalileoNUMBER (18)The identifier for the transaction in the settlement table. This field is populated only for card transactions.
ASSOCIATIONGalileoCHAR (3)Three-letter abbreviation for the card network:
  • DEB (Maestro)
  • MAS (Mastercard credit)
  • STA (STAR)
  • VIS (Visa)
  • DIS (Discover)
  • ALL (Allpoint)
  • PLS (Pulse)
  • SOURCEGalileoNUMBER (1)Number assigned to a network:
  • 1 (Maestro)
  • 2 (Mastercard credit)
  • 3 (STAR)
  • 4 (Visa)
  • 5 (Discover)
  • 6 (Allpoint)
  • 7 (Pulse)
  • TOKEN REQUESTOR IDVARCHAR2 (11)Identifier for the token requestor. Present for mobile-wallet transactions.
    ON_USVARCHAR2 (20)Remote deposit capture (RDC) check number
    INTERCHANGE FEE AMOUNTFLOAT (12,6)Signed. Interchange fee amount
    NAMENacha fileVARCHAR2Payee name for direct deposit
    DE046 (Allpoint)
    VARCHAR2 (9)Local surcharge amount, a fee applied to the ATM withdrawal amount by the ATM's operator
    BAIDE104VARCHAR2 (3)Visa only. Business Application Identifier, which identifies the type of Visa card load
    ICAVARCHAR2 (6)Mastercard only. Interbank Card Association number, assigned by Mastercard to a financial institution
    POS TYPEDE003CHAR (3)Type of card authentication at the point of sale: SIG (signature) or PIN
    POS CONDITION CODEDE025VARCHAR2 (2)The conditions under which the transaction took place at the point of sale. See DE025 Codes.
    ACQUIRING IDDE032VARCHAR2 (11)Identifier for the merchant's acquirer
    SETTLE SERVICE IDPDS0159SE4CHAR (10)Uniquely identifies the settlement service
    AVS CHECKDE063VARCHAR2 (50)AVS check information
    AUTHORIZATION STATUSGalileoCHAR (1)Status of the authorization
    OTC_FlagDE003CHAR (1)Whether the transaction included an over-the-counter cash advance: Y (cash advance) or N (no cash advance)
    FEE PROGRAM INDICATORDE063SE19VARCHAR2 (3)Visa only. Interchange reimbursement fee program indicator, applied to select ATM transactions
    AUTHORIZATION RESPONSEDE039CHAR (2)The response code that you or Galileo returned to the network. See the Authorization Response Codes enumeration for possible values.
    CHECK RETURN CODECHAR (3)Code to indicate why a paper check was returned
    PRIOR IDGalileoNUMBER (12)The ID of a transaction that is linked to this transaction, such as the transaction that triggered this transaction
    SECURE CODEPDS0052VARCHAR2Mastercard only. Secure code from the settlement file
    CHECK NUMBERGalileoNUMBER (19)Number of the check
    CST AGENT NAMEGalileoVARCHAR2 (125)Name of the CST agent that initiated the transaction
    TERMINAL IDDE041CHAR (8)Identifier of the card reader
    AUTH TRANSACTION CODEGalileoVARCHAR2 (10)The transaction code (act_type + otype)
    PIN FLAGGalileoCHAR (1)Whether a PIN was used to authenticate the card: Y (PIN) or N (no PIN)
    SLI INDICATORDE048SE42CHAR (1)Security level indicator, included with Mastercard 3DS authentication
    COMPANY NAMENacha fileVARCHAR2 (20)Company name for incoming ACH transactions
    COMPANY DESCNacha fileVARCHAR2 (15)Company description for incoming ACH transactions
    SETTLEMENT SERVICE CODEPDS0159SE3CHAR (1)Identifies the settlement level of the settlement service: 1 or (regional) 3 (intracurrency)
    SETTLEMENT SERVICE IDPDS0159SE4CHAR (10)Uniquely identifies the settlement service
    INTERCHANGE RATE DESIGNATORPDS0158VARCHAR2 (2 bytes)The interchange rate and editing rules applied to the transaction
    POSTED EARLYNacha fileCHAR (1)Whether the ACH transaction was posted early: Y (early) or N (not early)
    EFFECTIVE_DTNacha fileDATETIMEFor an ACH transaction, the effective date-time when the ACH payment should post. Usually set by the bank to the actual date when the payment is posted, in case Galileo posts the payment early.
    RECEIVE DTNacha fileDATETIMEDate-time that the Nacha file arrived at Galileo
    LOAD_DTNacha fileDATETIMEACH load date (the date-time the incoming ACH was loaded)
    SOURCE TRACENacha fileVARCHAR2 (20 bytes)ACH trace number assigned by the external originating institution to incoming ACH transactions
    ACH_RETURN CODENacha fileCHAR (3)Code that indicates why an ACH request was returned.
    CST AGENT NAMEGalileoVARCHAR2 (125)Name of the CST agent that initiated the transaction
    TERMINAL NETWORKGalileoVARCHAR2 (50)Network that the card reader used
    EXPIRED AUTH CODEGalileoNUMBER (10)AUTHORIZATION CODE of the expired authorization that corresponds to this force-posted transaction. This field is populated only for card transactions.
    CCA FEE AMOUNT SETTLEDE111NUMBER (9,2)Amount of the settlement on which the CCA fee was assessed
    CCA FEE SIGNGalileoVARCHAR2 (1)CCA fee sign: C (credit) or D (debit)
    RETRIEVAL_ REFERENCE_NUMBERDE037VARCHAR2 (12)Retrieval reference number
    REASON CODESDE044VARCHAR2 (25)Visa only. Full contents of DE044, additional response data.
    PDS0185PDS0185VARCHAR2 (33)Accountholder authentication value (AAV) (Mastercard) or cardholder authentication verification value (CAAV) (Visa), returned for 3DS transactions
    LOADS AUTH IDGalileoNUMBEROriginal authorization ID for card loads
    PDS1002PDS1002VARCHAR2 (13)Custom field
    PDS1018PDS1018VARCHAR2 (13)Custom field
    REASON CODESVARCHAR2 (1)Visa only. First character only of DE044. The response source/reason code that identifies the source of the DE039 response.
    ACH TRACE NUMBERVARCHAR2 (20)ACH trace number
    IVA_TAXNUMBERMastercard only. Impuesto al valor agregado. Value-added tax. Colombia only.
    IAC_TAXNUMBERMastercard only. Impuesto al consumo. Consumption tax. Colombia only.
    IPM AUTH CODEGalileoCHAR (6)Numeric tag generated by Galileo during authorization, which is sent in the response, and then is returned in the settlement batch file to help link authorizations with settlements
    MSG REASON CODEDE025CHAR (4)Mastercard only. Indicates why a message was sent. Consult the Mastercard IPM Clearing Formats document to interpret the code.
    MERCHANT POSTAL CODEVARCHAR2 (5)Postal code for the merchant's location.
    CONVERSION RATE SETTLEMENTDE009VARCHAR2 (8)Visa only. The currency conversion rate when converting TRANSACTION AMOUNT to SETTLE AMOUNT. See Conversion rates to interpret the value.
    CONVERSION RATEDE010VARCHAR2 (8)Visa only. The currency conversion rate when converting TRANSACTION AMOUNT to BILLING AMOUNT. See Conversion rates to interpret the value.
    TRANSACTION LIFECYCLE IDDE063VARCHAR2 (16)Mastercard only. Transaction lifecycle identifier, which allows tracking throughout a transaction's lifecycle
    TRANSACTION LIFECYCLE ID/ ASSOCIATION TRANSACTION ID FOR ALL NETWORKSVARCHAR2 (15)Transaction lifecycle ID/ association transaction ID for all networks
    PIN ENTRY CAPABILITYDE022CHAR (1)Third character of DE022. Whether the card reader had PIN-entry capability. See DE022 Codes.
    DE60DE060VARCHAR2 (61)Indicates the specific reason for an advice
    DE121DE121CHAR (11)Authorizing agent ID code, the actual processing facility that approved or declined an authorization request message
    DE63_BRNDE063VARCHAR2 (9)Banknet reference number; value received for Maestro updates
    PDS0180PDS0180VARCHAR2 (20)Domestic card acceptor tax ID. U.S. tax ID of the card acceptor
    INSTALLMENTS CONDITIONSPDS0663NUMBER (9)Details of the installment payments. Positions:
  • 1–2 — Type of credit (03 Installments without interest)
  • 3–4 — Total number of installments
  • 5–6 — Grace period in months
  • 7–9 — Currency code
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    Fleet Data CDF

    The Fleet Data CDF contains the fleet data to enrich posted transactions.

    • The filename format is fleetfile_%Y%m%d.csv.
    • See Fleet Cards for more information about the product.
    • To interpret the codes in the fields, obtain the IPM Clearing Formats guide from Mastercard.

    For this CDF, three or more addendum rows are provided per transaction, according to this criteria:

    • Row 1 — Corporate card common data. Provided when the associated first presentment/1240 message meets all of these conditions:
      • The product is any corporate product.
      • The card acceptor country code (DE045 subfield 6) is "USA".
      • The cardholder transaction type (DE003 subfield 1) is 00 (purchase) or 18 (unique).
      • The transaction is not a reversal.
    • Row 2 — Corporate fleet transaction information. Provided when the associated first presentment/1240 message is a Mastercard Corporate Fleet Card transaction for a fuel or non-fuel purchase.
    • Rows 3–n — Corporate line-item detail. Provided when non-fuel items are purchased alongside fuel, using a fleet card.

    The corporate line-item detail is provided for each additional non-fuel item purchased using a fleet card, so if a cardholder purchases five items in one transaction, the CDF will contain seven rows: one common data requirements row, one fleet transaction information row and five detail addendum rows. All rows that belong to the same transaction will have the same auth_code + network_code.

    The auth_code + network_code is the foreign key to the associated financial transaction in the Posted Transactions RDF, matching the AUTHORIZATION CODE and NETWORK CODE fields in the RDF.

    All rows

    This table contains fields that are present in all row types.

    CDF field nameData typeDescription
    prog_idNUMBERProgram ID of the card
    bal_idNUMBERBalance ID, Galileo account number of the card
    cadNUMBERCard ID
    trans_tsDATE-TIMEDate-time when you or Galileo approved the transaction
    trans_typeCHAR (6)Transaction type
    auth_codeNUMBERAuthorization code or auth_id. This is the same as the AUTHORIZATION CODE in the Posted Transactions RDF.
    post_tsDATE-TIMEDate-time when the transaction posted to the account
    network_codeVARCHAR2 (1)Network code. This is the same as the NETWORK CODE field in the Posted Transactions RDF.
    pmt_ref_noCHAR (12)Payment reference number (PRN) of the card
    prod_idNUMBER (18)Product ID of the card
    usage_codeVARCHAR (2)Indicates the type of addendum data provided. This value will always be 98 for any fleet-related addendum.
    industry_rec_noNUMBER (3)Industry record number:
  • 000 — Corporate card common data
  • 002 — Corporate fleet transaction information
  • 950 — Corporate line-item detail
  • occurrence_indNUMBER (3)Occurrence indicator. Specifies the position of the addendum relative to the original transaction, so line items 1–5 would have values 001–005, respectively.
    Parsed dataVARCHAR (4000)Further transaction data, according to the row:
  • Row 1corporate_card_detail
  • Row 2fleet_detail
  • Rows 3–nline_item_detail
  • Example

    The three addenda types will be denoted as follows, assuming the purchase of three items:

    Row 1: Corporate card common data requirement
    usage_code: 98
    industry_red_no: 000
    occurrence_ind: 001

    Row 2: Corporate fleet transaction info
    usage_code: 98
    industry_rec_no: 002
    occurrence_ind: 001

    Row 3: Corporate line-item detail
    usage_code: 98
    industry_rec_num: 950
    occurrence_ind: 001

    Row 4: Corporate line-item detail
    usage_code: 98
    industry_rec_num: 950
    occurrence_ind: 002

    Row 5: Corporate line-item detail
    usage_code: 98
    industry_rec_num: 950
    occurrence_ind: 003

    Row 1 fields

    These fields will be inside the corporate_card_detail field in a row that has industry_rec_no: 000. All of the top-level fields will be present, even if the value is Null.

    CDF field nameData typeDescription
    card_acceptor_typeOBJECTContains all of the fields that begin with business_. Describes the type of business where the purchase was made, from PDS 0595.
    _rawVARCHAR2 (8)Raw, non-parsed contents of the object as sent by Mastercard.
    business_typeVARCHAR2 (1)Code to identify the business type
    business_owner_typeVARCHAR2 (1)Code to identify the type of business owner
    business_cert_typeVARCHAR (1)Code to indicate the certification type of the business
    business_eth_typeVARCHAR (1)Code to indicate the ethnicity of the majority owner of the business
    business_type_codeVARCHAR (1)Whether the business type is provided
    business_owner_type_codeVARCHAR (1)Whether the business owner type is provided
    business_cert_type_codeVARCHAR (1)Whether the certification type is provided
    business_eth_type_codeVARCHAR (1)Whether the business ethnic type is provided
    card_acceptor_tax_idOBJECTContains the next three fields, which describe the U.S. federal tax ID or value-added tax ID from PDS 0596
    _rawVARCHAR2 (21)Raw, non-parsed contents of the object as sent by Mastercard.
    tax_idVARCHAR2 (20)The tax ID of the card acceptor
    tax_id_codeVARCHAR2 (1)Whether the card acceptor tax ID was provided
            "_raw":"830197092           Y",  
            "tax_id":"830197092           ",  

    Row 2 fields

    These fields will be inside the fleet_detail field in a row that has industry_rec_no: 002. All of the top-level fields will be present, even if the value is Null.

    CDF field nameData typeDescription
    oil_company_brand_nameCHAR (4)Code to indicate the brand name from PDS 0620
    purchase_timeCHAR (4)Purchase time at the point of sale from PDS 0621: hhmm
    motor_fuel_service_typeCHAR (1)Type of service received at the card acceptor site from PDS 0622
    motor_fuel_informationOBJECTObject containing the fields that begin with motor_, which contain details about the motor fuel from PDS 0623
    _rawVARCHAR (35)Raw, non-parsed contents of the object as sent by Mastercard.
    motor_fuel_product_codeVARCHAR2 (3)The acquirer's motor fuel product code transacted from the information the attendant entered. The code refers to characteristics such as unleaded, diesel, regular leaded and methanol
    motor_fuel_unit_priceVARCHAR2 (12)Price per unit
    motor_fuel_unit_of_measureVARCHAR2 (1)Motor fuel unit of measure
    motor_fuel_quantityVARCHAR2 (6)Motor fuel quantity
    motor_fuel_sale_amountVARCHAR2 (12)Total fuel sale price
    odometer_readingVARCHAR2 (7)Odometer reading from PDS 0629
    vehicle_numberVARCHAR2 (17)Vehicle number from PDS 0630
    driver_numberVARCHAR2 (17)ID of the driver from PDS 0631
    product_type_codeCHAR (1)Contains a code from the card's magnetic stripe that indicates prompts that occurred at the point of interaction, from PDS 0632
        "driver_number":"1234  ",  

    Rows 3-n fields

    These fields will be inside the line_item_detail field in a row that has industry_rec_no: 950. All of the top-level fields will be present, even if the value is Null.

    CDF field nameData typeDescription
    product_codeVARCHAR2 (15)Non fuel–related product code of the individual item purchased from PDS 0641
    item_descriptionVARCHAR2 (35)Object containing the fields that Item description from PDS 0642
    item_quantityOBJECTObject containing the next three fields, which contain the item quantity from PDS 0643
    _rawVARCHAR2 (13)Raw, non-parsed contents of the object as sent by Mastercard.
    quantityVARCHAR2 (12)Number of items purchased
    quantity_exponentVARCHAR (1)Identifies the implicit decimal point locations associated with each ISO standard currency code used in a message. For example, 2 means there are two positions after the decimal.
    item_unit_of_measureVARCHAR2 (12)Item unit of measure from PDS 0645
    item_unit_priceOBJECTObject containing the next three fields, which contain information about the unit price from PDS 0646
    _rawVARCHAR2 (13)Raw, non-parsed contents of the object as sent by Mastercard.
    unit_priceVARCHAR (12)Amount charged per unit purchased
    unit_exponentVARCHAR (1)Identifies the implicit decimal point locations associated with each ISO standard currency code used in a message. For example, 2 means there are two positions after the decimal.
    extended_item_amountOBJECTObject containing the next three fields, which contain information about the extended amount from PDS 0647.
    _rawVARCHAR2 (14)Raw, non-parsed contents of the object as sent by Mastercard.
    extended_amountVARCHAR2 (12)The individual item amount that is normally calculated as price multiplied by quantity
    extended_amount_signVARCHAR2 (1)Whether the extended amount is a credit (C) or debit (D).
    debit_or_credit_indicatorVARCHAR2 (1)Whether the net of extended_item_amount is a debit (D) or a credit (C) to the cardholder account
        "item_description":"Coca Cola Soda",  

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