A debit cardholder makes a $30 purchase at a retail establishment without inputting a PIN. The transaction is later settled for the full amount. This is the same transaction shown in <a href="doc:card-transaction-examples#three-step-sequence" target="_blank">Three-step sequence</a> in _Card Transaction Examples_. Also see <a href="page:scenario-1-authorization-with-settlement" target="_blank">Scenario 1: Authorization with Settlement</a>.

### Authorization

Call <a href="ref:post_createsimulatedcardauth" target="_blank">Create Simulated Card Authorization</a> with these parameters:

`accountNo`<<glossary:PAN>> or <<glossary:PRN>>
`association``mc_auth` or `visa`
`merchantName``Central Market`
`transType``1` or leave blank

Capture the `auth_id` for later use.

#### View the authorization

Call <a href="ref:post_getauthhistory" target="_blank">Get Authorization History</a> to see the authorization:

### Settlement

Call <a href="ref:post_createsimulatedcardsettle" target="_blank">Create Simulated Card Settlement</a> with these parameters:

`authId``auth_id` from the authorization response
`accountNo`PAN or PRN
`association``visa` or `mc_auth`
`amount``30` or leave blank

The `settle_dtl` (settlement detail) value can be used for troubleshooting with Galileo.

### Transactions created

Call <a href="ref:post_getalltranshistory" target="_blank">Get All Transaction History</a> to see the three ledger entries, in reverse chronological order.