These scenarios show how various types of card transactions are represented by the Galileo system.

Before consulting these scenarios you should be familiar with the concepts in these guides:

  • <a href="doc:about-transactions" target="_blank">**About Transactions**</a> — General explanation of how Galileo represents transactions across its system.

  • <a href="doc:about-card-transactions" target="_blank">**About Card Transactions**</a> — Explanation of how card transactions work from the authorization request to settlement

  • <a href="doc:about-the-events-api" target="_blank">**About the Events API**</a> — How Galileo notifies you in real-time about system events

  • <a href="doc:rdf-reference" target="_blank">**RDF Reference**</a> — Contents of the standard suite of <<glossary:RDFs>>

### Scenarios

  • <a href="page:scenario-1-authorization-with-settlement" target="_blank">**Scenario 1: Authorization with Settlement**</a> — Cardholder adds a tip to a bill at a restaurant. One authorization with one settlement

  • <a href="page:scenario-2-preauthorization-with-completion" target="_blank">**Scenario 2: Preauthorization with Completion**</a> — Cardholder pumps gas. One preauthorization and one completion

  • <a href="page:scenario-3-incremental-authorizations" target="_blank">**Scenario 3: Incremental Authorizations**</a> — Multiple authorizations and one settlement

  • <a href="page:scenario-4-reversal-on-authorization-before-clearing-mastercard" target="_blank">**Scenario 4: Reversal on Authorization Before Clearing (Mastercard)**</a> — Mobile wallet purchase with full reversal. Authorization and its reversal before clearing

  • <a href="page:scenario-5-reversal-on-preauthorization-before-clearing-visa" target="_blank">**Scenario 5: Reversal on Preauthorization Before Clearing (Visa)**</a> — Attempted gas purchase with full reversal. Preauthorization and its reversal before clearing

  • <a href="page:scenario-6-refund-after-clearing-visa" target="_blank">**Scenario 6: Refund After Clearing (Visa)**</a> — Home improvement store purchase with partial refund. Authorization and its refund after clearing

  • <a href="page:scenario-7-refund-after-clearing-mastercard-banknet" target="_blank">**Scenario 7: Refund After Clearing (Mastercard Banknet)**</a> — Cash-app transfer with full refund. Authorization and settlement with merchant credit

  • <a href="page:scenario-8-partial-reversal-on-preauthorization" target="_blank">**Scenario 8: Partial Reversal on Preauthorization**</a> — Car-rental agency. Preauthorization and partial reversal

  • <a href="page:scenario-9-merchant-credit-mastercard-banknet" target="_blank">**Scenario 9: Merchant Credit (Mastercard Banknet)**</a> — Return of a gift. Merchant credit

  • <a href="page:scenario-10-merchant-credit-visa" target="_blank">**Scenario 10: Merchant Credit (Visa)**</a> — Home improvement store purchase with merchant credit. Preauthorization over Mastercard Banknet with merchant credit over Visa Interlink

  • <a href="page:scenario-11-atm-withdrawal" target="_blank">**Scenario 11: ATM Withdrawal**</a> — Balance inquiry plus withdrawal plus program fee

  • <a href="page:scenario-12-atm-reversal" target="_blank">**Scenario 12: ATM Reversal**</a> — Reversal of a duplicate authorization

  • <a href="page:scenario-13-international-authorization" target="_blank">**Scenario 13: International Authorization**</a> — Retail purchase in Brazil. Authorization plus settlement

  • <a href="page:scenario-14-international-reversal" target="_blank">**Scenario 14: International Reversal**</a> — Retail purchase in Spain. Authorization plus partial reversal

  • <a href="page:scenario-15-tokenization-authorization" target="_blank">**Scenario 15: Tokenization Authorization**</a> — Cardholder installs a meal-delivery app and the app validates the card in the cardholder's mobile wallet

  • <a href="page:scenario-16-settlement-without-authorization" target="_blank">**Scenario 16: Settlement Without Authorization**</a> — The merchant does not clear a transaction until after it has expired in the Galileo system

  • <a href="page:scenario-17-card-load-maestro" target="_blank">**Scenario 17: Card Load (Maestro)**</a> — Drive-share worker receiving payment as a Maestro load

  • <a href="page:scenario-18-real-time-funding" target="_blank">**Scenario 18: Real-Time Funding**</a> — A cardholder with a corporate spend card makes a purchase, and the funds are transferred real-time into the account before authorization

  • <a href="page:scenario-19-force-post" target="_blank">**Scenario 19: Force Post**</a> — A merchant does not obtain authorization for a purchase and then force-posts the transaction.

  • <a href="page:scenario-20-card-load-reversal-maestro" target="_blank">**Scenario 20: Card Load Reversal (Maestro)**</a> — A cardholder receives payment from an employer but the funds are reversed.

  • <a href="page:scenario-21-card-load-visa" target="_blank">**Scenario 21: Card Load (Visa)**</a> — A cardholder receives a payment from a payday loan app.

  • <a href="page:scenario-22-card-load-reversal-visa" target="_blank">**Scenario 22: Card Load Reversal (Visa)**</a> — A cardholder receives payment from a peer-to-peer cash app, but the funds are soon reversed.

  • <a href="page:scenario-23-account-funding-transaction" target="_blank">**Scenario 23: Account Funding Transaction**</a> — A cardholder pulls funds into their credit-builder account on another platform.

  • <a href="page:scenario-24-recurring-transaction" target="_blank">**Scenario 24: Recurring Transaction**</a> — A cardholder has a monthly subscription to a streaming video service, paid through a mobile wallet.