This guide describes testing events, events that are triggered by automated processes, and events that are triggered by actions taken in the <<glossary:CST>>.

## Testing events

Most event messages that are available in the <<glossary:Production>> environment can also be tested in the <<glossary:CV>> environment. You can request to enable different events in CV and Production, allowing you to test functionality in your own system before you go live in Production.

The following events are not available for testing in the CV environment.

**Mobile wallet events**

  • `AACN, GACN, SACN: mobile_activation ACN`

  • `ARDP, GRDP, SRDP: mobile_activation RDP`

  • `ATKC, GTKC, STKC, VTKC: mobile_activation TKC`

  • `ATVD, GTVD, STVD: mobile_activation TVD`

  • `ATVN, GTVN, STVN: mobile_activation TVN`

  • `ATVR, GTVR, STVR: mobile_activation TVR`

  • `AYLP, GYLP, SYLP: mobile_activation YLP`

  • `VAPI: mobile_activation VAPI`

**ACH events**

  • `ACHC: ach_credit_fail`

  • `ACHR: ach_debit_fail`

  • `ACRT: ach_return`

  • `FACH: ach_credit_return`


ACH transactions cannot be tested in the CV environment, which also means that payment (`BPMT: pmt`) and adjustment (`BADJ: adj`) events for ACH transactions cannot be tested in CV. However, payment and adjustment events can be tested in CV for other types of transactions.

## Events triggered by automated processes

Some event messages in the Events API are triggered by automated processes outside of your system rather than directly as a result of your action or your customer’s action. The following tables describe events that are triggered by automated processes.

### Account events

EventDescriptionAutomated trigger
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-bal" target="_blank">`BBAL: bal`</a>An account has a positive balance.Process that detects accounts with a positive balance. `BBAL` is triggered daily, or if PDBAL is set, `BBAL` is triggered only after the first deposit made to the account.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-neg-bal" target="_blank">`BNEG: neg_bal`</a>An account has a negative balance.Process that detects accounts with a negative balance. `BNEG` is sent only when MPNEG is set.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-card-status-change" target="_blank">`CSNT: card_status_change`</a>A card status has changed.Internal process that changes the card status.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-low-balance-notify" target="_blank">`LBLC: low_balance_notify`</a>A balance has dropped below the amount specified in LOBTH.Automated process that checks for balances lower than LOBTH.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-overdraft-credit-limit-change" target="_blank">`ODCL: overdraft_credit_limit_change`</a>An overdraft credit limit was adjusted based on the available core balance that the account holder maintained over a period.Automated process that determines overdraft account activity and core account eligibility for a credit limit adjustment.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-overdraft-opt-out" target="_blank">`ODOT: overdraft_opt_out`</a>A core account lost overdraft functionality.Automated process that deactivates overdraft accounts.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-overdraft-status-change" target="_blank">`ODSC: overdraft_status_change`</a>An overdraft account status has changed.Automated process that changes the overdraft status.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-overdraft-suspended" target="_blank">`ODSK: overdraft_suspended`</a>An overdraft account was suspended or frozen.Internal process that detects whether the monthly fee cap has been exceeded.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-overdraft-limit-change" target="_blank">`ODSN: overdraft_limit_change`</a>An overdraft account has become active, usually because it was unfrozen after the account holder paid off the overdraft.Automated process that unfreezes qualifying accounts
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-card-returned" target="_blank">`PSUC: card_returned`</a>The shipping department received a card that was returned by a cardholder.Internal reporting process.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-card-expiring" target="_blank">`RBEX: card_expiring`</a>A card is going to expire in the specified number of days.Internal process that detects which cards will expire.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-card-shipped" target="_blank">`SHIP: card_shipped`</a>Galileo sent a create-card request to a third-party embosser.An internal process that gathers embossing data.

### Authorization events

EventDescriptionAutomated trigger
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-auth-exp" target="_blank">`BEXP: auth_exp`</a>An authorized transaction expired before it was cleared.Internal Galileo process that detects authorization expiry.

### Transaction events

EventDescriptionAutomated trigger
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-billpay-retry" target="_blank">`BPAR: billpay_retry`</a>The bill-pay process retried a transaction after the previous attempt was unsuccessful because of insufficient funds.Internal bill-pay process.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-billpay" target="_blank">`BPAY: billpay`</a>A bill-pay transaction was posted to the specified account.Internal bill-pay process.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-billpay-check-cleared" target="_blank">`BPCC: billpay_check_cleared`</a>A paper bill-pay check was cashed and the payment has cleared.Internal bill-pay process.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-billpay-check-mailed" target="_blank">`BPCM: billpay_check_mailed`</a>A paper bill-pay check order was created.Internal paper-check process.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-billpay-expired" target="_blank">`BPEX: billpay_expired`</a>A bill-pay check has not cleared six months after the check's date, and the check is no longer valid.Internal process that monitors bill-pay check cashing.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-pmt" target="_blank">`BPMT: pmt`</a>A payment (deposit) was posted.Internal processes that move funds into customer accounts.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-sched-billpay-fail" target="_blank">`BSPF: sched_billpay_fail`</a>A scheduled bill payment has failed because of insufficient funds.Scheduled bill-pay process.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-create-hold" target="_blank">`CRHD: create_hold`</a>A hold has been placed on all or part of the specified account.Automated processes.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-expire-hold" target="_blank">`EXHD: expire_hold`</a>A hold that was placed on a customer account has expired.Internal process that expires holds.

## Events triggered via CST

Some Events API messages are triggered when you perform an action in the <<glossary:CST>>. The tables below list events triggered by CST processes. Most of these events can be triggered outside of the CST as well.

### Account events

EventCST pageCST trigger
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-account-closed" target="_blank">`ACCL: account_closed`</a>Account > Account InfoAn account was closed on the _Account Info_ page. Some charge-offs result in this event.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-card-activated" target="_blank">`BACT: card_activated`</a>Account > Card Info > Activate CardA card was activated.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-failed-id" target="_blank">`BFID: failed_id`</a>Account > Miscellaneous > Enroll/Register CustomerA customer failed Galileo’s integrated ID verification.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-app-completed" target="_blank">`CAPP: app_completed`</a>Account > Miscellaneous > Enroll/Register CustomerA cardholder’s application for a new product was successful.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-cardholder-info-changed" target="_blank">`CHPC: cardholder_info_changed`</a>Account > Client InfoCustomer profile information was changed in the CST.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-card-status-change" target="_blank">`CSNT: card_status_change`</a>Account > Card InfoA card status was changed with the _Change Card Status_ control. CDMSG controls which new card statuses trigger this event.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-frozen" target="_blank">`FRZN: frozen`</a>Account > Card Info > Freeze ControlA card was frozen.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-fail-id" target="_blank">`FTID: fail_id`</a>Account > Miscellaneous > Enroll/Register CustomerA customer failed Galileo’s integrated ID verification and the account status has changed to the value specified in TIDST.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-lost-stolen-card-no-replacement" target="_blank">`LSCN: lost/stolen card no replacement`</a>Account > Card InfoA card was marked lost or stolen with the _Change Card Status_ control and no replacement will be issued.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-lost-stolen-card-with-replacement" target="_blank">`LSCR: lost/stolen card with replacement`</a>Account > Card InfoA card was marked lost or stolen with the Change Card Status control and a replacement card will be issued.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-note" target="_blank">`NOTE: note`</a>Account > Enter NotesA note was added to the account.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-overdraft-opt-in" target="_blank">`ODIN: overdraft_opt_in`</a>Account > Miscellaneous > Enroll/Register Customer<br><br>Account > Account Info > Overdraft ProtectionAn account became eligible to use overdraft or an overdraft account was created.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-overdraft-negative-balance" target="_blank">`ODNB: overdraft_negative_balance`</a>Any process that moves funds out of the accountA core account has drawn on its overdraft account.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-overdraft-opt-out" target="_blank">`ODOT: overdraft_opt_out`</a>Account > Account Info > Overdraft ProtectionA customer service representative clicked the **Opt Out** button on the _Overdraft Protection_ page.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-overdraft-status-change" target="_blank">`ODSC: overdraft_status_change`</a>Account > Account Info > Overdraft ProtectionAn overdraft account status has changed.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-overdraft-suspended" target="_blank">`ODSK: overdraft_suspended`</a>Account > Account Info > Overdraft ProtectionAn overdraft account was suspended.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-overdraft-limit-change" target="_blank">`ODSN: overdraft_limit_change`</a>Account > Account Info > Overdraft ProtectionAn overdraft account limit has changed.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-profile-changed" target="_blank">`PCHG: profile_changed`</a>Account > Client InfoCustomer profile information was changed and the change is not covered by a more specific event.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-phone-changed" target="_blank">`PHCH: phone_changed`</a>Account > Client InfoA customer phone number was changed. If this event is not configured, PCHG is sent instead.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-prod-switch" target="_blank">`PSWC: product_switched`</a>Account > Miscellaneous > Enroll/Register CustomerAn account changed from one product to another.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-pass-id" target="_blank">`PTID: pass_id`</a>Account > Miscellaneous > Enroll/Register CustomerA customer passed Galileo's integrated ID verification process.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-unfrozen" target="_blank">`UFRZ: unfrozen`</a>Account > Card Info > Freeze ControlA card was unfrozen.

### Transaction events

EventCST pageCST trigger
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-adj" target="_blank">`BADJ: adj`</a>Account > Finance Bar<br><br>Any process that makes an adjustment for the accountThe available balance has been adjusted.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-pmt-delayed" target="_blank">`BDPM: pmt_delayed`</a>Account > Account History > Payment History<br><br>Any process that moves funds into the accountAn attempt to move funds into a customer account has been delayed because of a load limit violation.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-fee" target="_blank">`BFEE: fee`</a>Account > Account Info > Fee History<br><br>Any process that posts a fee to the accountA fee was posted to an account.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-billpay-request-made" target="_blank">`BPCQ: billpay_request_made`</a>Account > Account Info > Bill PaymentsA bill pay request was initiated and the funds have been removed from the account.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-pmt" target="_blank">`BPMT: pmt`</a>Account > Account History > Payment History<br><br>Any process that deposits funds into a customer accountA payment (deposit) was posted.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-pmt-split" target="_blank">`BSPM: pmt_split`</a>Account > Account History > Payment History<br><br>Any process that moves funds into the accountA transaction to move funds into an account was only partially completed because of load limit violations.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-create-hold" target="_blank">`CRHD: create_hold`</a>Account > Account InfoA hold has been placed on all or part of a customer account.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-expire-hold" target="_blank">`EXHD: expire_hold`</a>Account > Account InfoA hold that was placed on a customer account has expired.
<a href="ref:api-reference-events-api-fee-reversal" target="_blank">`FREV: fee_reversal`</a>Account > Account Info > Fee History<br><br>Any process that reverses a fee previously posted to an accountA fee that was posted to the specified account has been reversed.