A cardholder withdraws $60 from a domestic ATM. The ATM operator charges a $3 fee and the issuer charges $2.50.

When simulating ATM fees, you must first set up the fee in your product settings: ATD for domestic and ATI for international. In the authorization request, add the operator fee to `amount` but do not include your own fee—the simulator will add it automatically. You must also include the PIN for the card.

This example is similar to <a href="doc:card-transaction-examples#atm-withdrawal" target="_blank">ATM withdrawal</a> in _Card Transaction Examples_, except that these network codes correspond to the Visa credit network. In <<glossary:Production>>, an ATM transaction is almost never routed over credit (signature) rails but instead goes over interbank (PIN) or dedicated ATM rails. See <a href="page:scenario-11-atm-withdrawal" target="_blank">Scenario 11: ATM Withdrawal</a> and <a href="page:scenario-12-atm-reversal" target="_blank">Scenario 12: ATM Reversal</a> for examples from Production.

### Authorization

Call <a href="ref:post_createsimulatedcardauth" target="_blank">Create Simulated Card Authorization</a> with these parameters.

`accountNo`<<glossary:PAN>> or <<glossary:PRN>>
`merchantName``Northern ATM`
`pin`Card PIN

Capture the `auth_id` for later use.

#### View the authorization

Call <a href="ref:post_getauthhistory" target="_blank">Get Authorization History</a> to view the authorization. The `amount` field contains the original $63 plus the issuer's $2.50 domestic ATM fee, whereas `local_amt` does not include issuer fees.

### Settlement

Call <a href="ref:post_createsimulatedcardsettle" target="_blank">Create Simulated Card Settlement</a> with these parameters:

`authId``auth_id` from the authorization response
`accountNo`PRN or PAN

### Transactions created

Call <a href="ref:post_getalltranshistory" target="_blank">Get All Transaction History</a> to see the ledger entries in reverse chronological order. When the settlement is posted, the issuer fee is posted separately as an `FE` (fee) transaction.