In this scenario, <a href="doc:payment-screening-for-tax-refunds" target="_blank">Payment Screening</a> has been configured to move transitions over $90 to manual review before the transaction is processed per <a href="doc:setup-for-incoming-ach-transaction-simulation" target="_blank">Setup for Incoming ACH Transaction Simulation</a>. This request simulates an ACH tax deposit for $100.


Payment Screening requires additional ACH setup. Reach out to your Galileo representative for more information.

## Origination

Call <a href="page:create-simulated-ach-transaction" target="_blank">Create Simulated Incoming ACH Transaction</a> with these parameters:

`templateValues` "companyName": "IRS", "standardEntryClassCode": "PPD", "companyEntryDescription": "TAX TRES", "destinationAccountNumber": "12345678", "amount": 100, "individualName": "John Doe", "identificationNumber": "#789654"

## Response

## View the transaction

Once the transaction is processed, it can be viewed by calling the <a href="ref:post_getpendingdeposits" target="_blank">Get Pending Deposits</a> endpoint. This endpoint retrieves a list of incoming ACH credits pending manual review. Look for transactions with the `RNM` category code (name mismatch).

### Response

## Approve or reject the transaction

To take action on the pending deposit transaction, call the <a href="ref:post_modifypendingdepositstatus" target="_blank">Modify Pending Deposit Status</a> endpoint. This transaction can be approved or rejected. To reject transactions, use the appropriate return code. In this case, use the `retCode:R17` to indicate that the entry was initiated under questionable circumstances.


This return code is available only to programs that use <a href="doc:payment-screening-for-incoming-ach-credits" target="_blank">Payment Screening for Incoming ACH Credits</a>.

### Response