This guide contains instructions for simulating incoming ACH transactions using the <a href="page:create-simulated-ach-transaction" target="_blank">Create Simulated Incoming ACH Transaction</a> and <a href="page:cancel-simulated-ach-transaction" target="_blank">Cancel Simulated Incoming ACH Transaction</a> endpoints in the <<glossary:CV>> environment.

Before performing these simulations, you should follow these instructions:

  • <a href="doc:setup-for-incoming-ach-transaction-simulation" target="_blank">Setup for Incoming ACH Transaction Simulation</a>


Do not follow this procedure in <<glossary:Production>>. These simulation endpoints are only valid in CV.

## Simulations list


This list of simulation types is not yet complete. More examples of incoming ACH simulations will be made available in the future. Check the <a href="doc:changelog" target="_blank">Changelog</a> for updates to this document.

  • <a href="doc:ach-bill-payment-simulation" target="_blank">ACH Bill Payment Simulation</a> — Outgoing ACH transaction.

  • <a href="doc:payment-screening-for-tax-refunds-simulation" target="_blank">Payment Screening for Tax Refunds Simulation</a> — Incoming ACH payment flagged for manual review to verify receiver name.

  • <a href="doc:ach-direct-deposit-simulation-1" target="_blank">ACH Direct Deposit Simulation</a> — Incoming ACH deposit.